Commercial trends in the sports industry


The sports industry has to work especially hard right now to attract and keep fans. To do this, brands are increasing the quality of content, introducing new disciplines. However, in order to fully exploit the marketing opportunities in the sports industry, it is necessary to see all the relevant changes.

First of all, a very visible aspect of the modern sports industry is the evolution of media resources.  This is influenced by two main factors:

  • Active development of technologies. Every user today has a smartphone — a fact that is hard to ignore. In addition, every smartphone owner has a social media account.
  • New consumer needs. The audience is actively moving away from traditional resources into the digital environment. A fan may not always be able to watch his favourite match at home. For example, many people spend a lot of time at work or travelling. The ability to see the match in the recording is an important point.

Media organizations will constantly compete with each other, which will lead to an increase in the cost of sports content. But the quality of content needs to grow. The sports market continues to be closely aligned with betting operators, who are also responding to changes in the industry.

                Market leaders challenge the traditional media 

BETER offers tried and tested solutions for sportsbooks that help authoritative companies to get a stable profit. Another important point is the adoption of the experience of esports with traditional sports. It is about the quality of broadcasts, creating vivid impressions from events. But there are not so many original companies on the market today that would work with both classic sports disciplines and esports.

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