The circle of engagement rings is a symbol of eternity, which means that love should never end. Classic engagement rings are usually made of gold or silver. But there are more and more couples who wish for their engagement rings something outrageous than rings with the traditional colors and materials. If you do not want classic custom engagement rings, engagement rings in black are an unusual and individual alternative. Black partner rings stand for the love of two people as well as traditional engagement rings made of silver or gold. They embody the solemnity of an engagement in an equally wonderful way and also have a very individual look and exceptional charisma. Engagement rings are the visible expression of the solemn promise of a couple to marry one another.

Traditionally, the presentation of an engagement ring takes place when the sweetheart or the sweetheart is proposed to marriage. Classic Custom Engagement Rings usually consist of gold, silver or platinum. But today more and more modern materials such as titanium and stainless steel are being used for partner rings. In recent years, engagement rings made of ceramic and carbon have also become increasingly popular.

The symbolism of the colors has changed significantly over time. For example, black in the Middle Ages was still evil, while white symbolized the good and the pure. By contrast, black today is a color of timeless elegance that can always be worn. The complexity of the associations associated with the color black is evidenced by the fact that black is also the color of mourning as well as of deep night and mysticism. Therefore, black engagement rings have a particularly noble effect and have an incomparably mystical charisma.

Partner rings in cushion cut diamond in black are available in many attractive variants

Engagement rings in black are available in different materials and designs. Partnering in black stainless steel enjoy a high popularity. Stainless steel is an ideal material for a black coating and also a very durable and robust material. Very beautiful are also engagement rings in black ceramic. This material can have very different structures and be executed in both black matt and polished.

Carbon and titanium cushion cut diamonds engagement rings offer an exciting black silver contrast. In addition, they are completely nickel-free and therefore ideal for allergy sufferers. Partner rings made of pure carbon are also perfect for allergy sufferers. In addition, they ensure optimum wearing comfort due to their lightness and stability. An additional black stone adds a particularly elegant touch to all these engagement rings.

After all, not only classic silver or gold rings but also black partner rings can be engraved. That’s why an engagement ring in black is a very interesting alternative to a classic partner ring in gold or silver. An engagement ring in black has its own individual and mystical flair.