Daily Appliances, Map Lombok, & Other Preparations You Need To Note Before You Go Travelling

When you are planning a long holdiay vacation to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, the thing that you have to note is the preparation itself. Whether you are domestic or foreign tourist, you should not let yourself to make a single mistake in preparing everything, including the things you have to bring, itinerary, tour guide service, accomodation, transportation and many more. None of the Lombok locals get hyped when visiting their own island, so we assume you are an outsider that need to get on a plane or certain type of boat to get to this island. From this point, you should have handled everything well if you managed to get a promo flight ticket as well as the hotel room. But, the real deals begin here. If you think you have had already gotten the best flight and hotel, keep going with best travel experience ever. Do not even put aside the minor things like daily appliances, map lombok (for the worst case), enough budget and more. We might have to be in detail for this for you all grown up tourists.

There are several things that you should put in your mind before departing on your journey and these might be important as it will also influence your travelling experiece. Here we go:

  • Preparing the schedule

You surely know what you are going to do upon your arrival, right? Double check if you have created an appropriate schedule. Make sure it consists of the place you are going to visit, the time, the routes, and the required budget. Use the help of the internet to make pre research. Find out whether all the services you are going to need there is available or not. If not, you can gear up from the beginning.

  • Preparing the guide

It’s always okay if you want to explore the whole island by yourself but if you do not have much time in your hoilday vacation, we suggest you to hire a tour guide as they should understand better the 5W1H of the attraction you are going to visit. When you are really doing the research back then, you shoud find no difficulty in comparing the service and the price of every tour guide. Check some trip advisor page and read every information and testimonials they wrote.

  • Preparing the mode of transportation

Again, make the best use of your research result to find the transportation rent scattered around the island. If you decide to ride by yourself, learn the map lombok island first. We mean the potential attraction’s location to visit and so on.

Why we always say that you should bring the map Lombok island Indonesia is because you do not know when your phone lost its signal, or run out of data or battery. Do not feel at ease, thinking that you can find everthing you need there. Some areas have not even been electrified. Last, you might want to bring and wear proper dress there. The locals won’t send you a complaint, but it’s always better to respect the local custom to avoid any unwanted situation.