How to Decorate Your Dining Room Wall

Wall decoration is the biggest challenge if you are planning to design your dining room. Let me tell you that wall decoration, though a hot favourite these days, is a very much traditional concept to spruce up your interior space. In this blog, I have made a list of my personal favourites from tradition to contemporary to ‘mix and match’ ideas to fill up the wall space in any dining room.

Gallery Wall

If you have an amazing collection of artworks and images, a gallery wall is an excellent solution for wall decoration. Do you have Mixbook photobooks? If yes, that’s really wonderful. Play with sizes, finishing and colours to create a ‘mix and match’ look. You can also use some unusual yet interesting objects to spice up the fun. Pay little more attention to spacing while displaying the artworks on the wall. Have a full-proof plan before hammering the nails through the wall.

Graphics Wallpaper

It’s a hot craze. Beautiful wallpapers can easily go to the dinning wall and beautify it by manifolds. It may require you to spend a fortune for wallpapering all the dining room walls. So, paste it on a single wall that is closer to your dining table. Choose from a variety of options and place an order for a large piece that can easily cover the entire wall. You can also make a collage of small pieces from same or different prints, frame those and hang them on your wall.

Large Mirror

Using mirror to doll up the look of wall has never gone out of fashion. Therefore, it will be a safe investment on your part. If you have a small dining room, a large mirror is a good solution to add more space to it. Round mirrors are in fashion. Therefore, if you are in dilemma about which mirror type to use, round shape is the safest bet.

Vertical Garden

It is definitely a quirky idea. However, planning vertical garden on the wall is definitely a unique and eye-catchy concept. Create special pockets on the wall to hold different plants. Make sure to leave enough room for them to grow freely. It is important to arrange powerful light for your vertical garden.

Woven Wall Hanging

With Bohemian design having a moment these days, woven wall hangings are receiving admiring glances. Search online for the classic wall hangings. Alternatively, you can create one such hanging with crochet or macramé. A DIY version is a fine solution to fill up your dining wall and showcase your creative artwork as well.

Family Photographs

 Hanging family photos on the wall is a great way to enliven your dining space. Depending on the size of your wall, you can hang a large-size photograph. You can also frame the prints of your favourite family photos and place those together on a big wall canvas. Though most people go with colour photos, you can choose photos in black and white for a different and professional touch.

Plates as Artwork

However odd it may sound, some people have a hobby of collecting plates. If you are one of those, exhibit your collections of those beautiful artworks (yes, these plates are good artworks) on the wall. Display plates of different colours, sizes and patterns to create a beautiful collage of your collections.