Design Ideas for Outdoor Barbecue Islands + Pro Tips


Have been you searching for innovative ways to bring your fun things outside to enjoy the fresh air?

Think about putting together an open kitchen in your back garden. Outdoor kitchens have many configurations, from the most basic to lavish, eye-catching designs. Including one in your outdoor living space could expand your amusement space while also increasing the value of your home. To begin, merely ascertain your lifestyle requirements.

Examine Your Situation

Preparedness is the cornerstone of a successful project, including creating an external unit. The basis and placement of the structure are the first things to think about. If you already have a patio, take careful measurements before you start your adventure. In addition, you must hire a good one to examine the strength of your concrete block or paving stones. Extra bracing may well be needed if you construct on a deck.

Select a location far ahead of flammable surfaces. Key issues include firewood, vinyl siding, and fake grass. Although synthetic turf is not combustible, the fibres can melt if fire ashes are blown onto it. Some other issue to consider is the smoke radiated by a grill. Construct your kitchen in a location where smoke will not constantly blast into the house.

If you purchase a gas grill, you should construct your kitchen near a gas line because running a line great distances could be expensive. Trying to dig a single trench into housing all the required lines can save your yard’s appearance, cost, and resources. The comfort of an outdoor kitchen is lost if you have to navigate a maze to get to it.

Perceive Your Passions

All you have to get initiated on constructing a kitchen that your family and friends will lust after is your interpretation. Few activities to bring out the neighbourhood as much as a cookout, so keep the number of attendees in mind. Allow sufficient space to move around, but keep it affectionate enough for intimate nights for two. The space should be trying to accommodate matter the size. A grill, counter, and storage space may suffice if you only cook food a few times per season. Even so, the options for the barbecuing enthusiast are limitless.

Everything you need to create an exceptional space is here, from perfectly functioning paver bbq island to must-have equipment. If you add additional to your list of wants, you could save money by buying at the finish of the hotter months.

The following are the most important items for your outdoor kitchen:

  • a counter area near the grill for a charcoal or gas grill
  • cabinets for storage in the dining area
  • an available or under-the-counter refrigerator, a stainless steel sink counter space encompassing the sink some form of weather protection

Start creating now.

Function and flow are critical components of any exterior design project. The shades and fabrics of the structures and the togetherness of your floor plan should complement the remainder of your yard. When constructing your BBQ island, pick tiles or stones that supplement your patio pavers or concrete floor. You can choose ends for your worktops and foundations that complement the natural colours.

After deciding on the appropriate shape for your necessities, you can layout the remainder of the kitchen area. Since the grill is the main attraction, design the having to work and amusement areas around it. Organize every item so that it is easily accessible though not in the way. To improve your homecooked meals, add extras like footrests or cutlery racks.

You can stretch your cooking spring by installing a patio heater. Gas heaters are available in various styles to provide enough heat to allow you to enjoy the benefit of outdoor cooking well into the winter months. You could choose between a portable and a perpetual unit, but portable units have a wider range of applications. With the addition of a fire pit, you’ll have a comfortable, comfy cooking space that surpasses any indoor kitchen.

There are numerous ways to personalize your room, and the assignment is less expensive than you may believe. Configure It Direct can assist you in fitting any proposal into your budget. Register for a free guesstimate today, or subscribe to our listserv for tips and discounts on constructing the final outdoor kitchen hideaway.