Difference between human and synthetic Halo Extensions

Hair extension is a great source for add volume and style in the hairs. In the modern days, it becomes very famous between the new generation people who are suffered from thin hair problems. Halo HairExtensionsare come into different colors, sizes and lengths. People are able to purchase the HaloExtensions which suits to him from the market.

Mainly, Hottie Hair Extensions comes into two types that are human hair extension and synthetic hair extension. Both of them have their benefits and drawbacks for the peoples. Human hair extension is made from real human hairs. Synthetic hair on the other hand, made from blended fiber and contains no human hairs. The fibers are manufactured very fine to imitate real hairs.

Look and feel

Both human and synthetic extensions come in different styles and colors. But the quality of them is varying from each other. Human extensions look real and blend more naturally with hairs but synthetic extension generally moves differently from human hairs.

Color and style

You cannot style the synthetic hairs as your real hair heat can damaged them and you also cannot color them because color will destroy the synthetic hairs. Curling iron and straighter can cause a danger for synthetic hairs. On the other hand, you can treat the human hairextension as your own hairs and free to color and style them in any way that you like.

Quality and durability

Synthetic extensions are cheaper but they can easily damageand lasts for just few months. As human hair extension is costly but they can lasts for more period of time and the quality of human hair is more high then synthetic hairs.

Thus, it is beneficial for everyone to invest in human hair extension and get a quality product which saves the money as they are long lasting. Hottie Extensions are the best choice for people in human hair.