Different types of E-juices available in the market

E-cigarettes have become a new sensation among the young generation, as well as, an adult. Different people give a different reason for their liking for e-cigarettes. There is an endless variety of E-Cigs available in the market. One of the major components of Electronic cigarettes which need to be considered buying an e-cig is the type of e-liquid present in them.

Lots of variety is available on in E-Juice category. Some of the major factors which are considered to  differentiate e-liquids are:

  1. Nicotine level: The level of nicotine in the e-juices can vary from 0-24mg.  The user can select an E-liquid Mate juice with nicotine level depending on the type of electronic cigarette device used by them and their smoking frequency. The most preferred nicotine level in e-juices includes 0,3,6,8,12 and 18. 0 and 3mg are most popular among the beginners; 6mg, 8mg and 12mg of nicotine level are ideal for a medium level smoker, and any level higher than this are preferred by advanced smokers.
  2. Base: E-juices may have a base of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine or a mix of both. VG gives more cloud of vapors and is more viscous than the e-juices which have PG as their base.
  3. Flavors: In terms of flavors, thousand varieties of e-juices are available in the market. The flavor may vary from being fruity to minty flavor, tobacco based flavor to robust flavor, etc. Users can try as many flavors as they want.
  4. Additives: some of the most common additives used in e-juices are malic acid, sweetener, and citric acid.

Before selecting an e-juice, it is important to do thorough research on the types of e-juices. With so much variety available, taking a decision may not be that easy. However, above-mentioned factors may help in taking a wise decision.