Do Guys Really Care If Girls Have Lip Fillers?

Isn’t it a bit disappointing and sad that nowadays young women seem to feel like their facial features are connected to how desirable they appear to men? But when you at this a bit deeper, does the opposite sex really think thin and small lips are unkissable?

Lips to Love

Although there are really no figures on exactly just how many women have had lip injections in Australia, it’s quite evident that the trend for lip injections is gaining in popularity year after year.

Cosmetic clinics all over the world advertise their “Lips to Love” packages inspired by The #KylieJennerlipchallenge that started back in April 2015. The ‘challenge’ took social media by storm, so much so that the famous term, “Duck face” was even added to the Oxford dictionary.

Is the female race obsessed with the perfect looking lips because of our insecurities or is it merely due to men’s desires? Or are we just infatuated with what seems to be a celebrity trend? Or are larger lips what men really want?

In a recent survey, twenty-four men in their early twenties, to mid-thirties, were asked what they thought about women getting lip fillers, here’s some of their responses:

Men for lip enhancement:

“If there natural looking, that’s okay but only if you can’t tell any work has been done to them.”

“It doesn’t really matter to me, if the girl thinks her lips look good then I say go for it.”

“Big lips on a girl is really hot, but only if they are natural looking and not too dramatic.”

“I think it’s completely up to the girl if she’s happy then I’m happy.”

Men against lip enhancement:

“Lip enhancements are a huge turn off for me because it really shows that the girl is insecure.”

“For me, the entire package needs to match, if she has a smaller face but big lips, it would just look weird.”

“Female lips are the most noticeable facial feature apart from the eyes, so no I wouldn’t be attractive to a girl with unnatural looking lips.”

Well, there you go, nearly all of the men that were spoken to didn’t really care if a woman had lip injections or not, but only if they were natural looking and were proportionate to the rest of their facial features.

If you are thinking about getting dermal fillers to enhance your lips, keep in mind that when injecting any substance into your body risks can occur. Its best to do your research and book a consultation with a clinic that has a fantastic reputation like lip enhancement Brisbane & Gold Coast – Esteem Medi Spa.