Does Medical Weight Loss Really Work?

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, more than 30.7 percent of adults in America are clinically overweight. Being overweight makes you prone to several lifestyle illnesses such as diabetes and heart diseases.

There are several ways to help you lose and manage your weight, including medical weight loss. Your search engine will supply you with the necessary information by simply searching the term “medical weight loss clinic near me” online. Read on to learn more about medical weight loss.

What is Medical Weight Loss?

To increase the quality of your life and avoid several lifestyle diseases, you can collaborate with a doctor to devise a suitable weight management plan for you. Your doctor will create a logical and realistic plan depending on your schedule, allergies, medical history, and budget. Having a doctor during your weight loss journey gives you the necessary motivation in your journey since weight loss can be daunting and challenging.

There are three primary components of a medical weight loss:

  1. Initial consultation: After a quick online search of a medical weight loss clinic near me and choosing the viable clinic for you, you will proceed to the initial consultation. In this step, you meet with your doctor, explain your ideal weight, and the doctor looks at your medical records to determine any exceptions in your weight loss.

    With your doctor, you will create an ideal weight loss plan based on your schedule, medical history, and goals. The initial consultation also provides a good chance for you to connect with your doctor.

  2. Behavior Modification: Behavior adjustment focuses mainly on your diet and exercise routine. Your doctor will recommend foods that are lower in sugar and energy.

    Since energy is measured in calories, you will have to include food with lower calories in your diet. Besides the lower-calorie diet, your doctor will include a low carbohydrate and protein diet in your weight management plan. Having a doctor by your side during your weight loss journey ensures that your meal plan has healthy options that provide you with all the necessary nutrients.

    As far as exercise is concerned, you require extra activity to burn the stored fat to lose weight. Your doctor will recommend a safe exercise routine for you.

    The exercise can vary from cardio to heavy lifting, depending on your weight loss goals. Exercise is not only crucial for weight loss, but it also helps you to tone your skin that stretches and sags during weight loss.

  3. Weight Loss Medication: Your doctor will prescribe weight loss medication if he sees it necessary. You have to combine the medication with your behavior alteration for it to work.

    Weight loss medications help your body burn extra fat stored in your body. If you go under medication, your doctor will have to monitor you closely to ensure you are safe and minimize the adverse side effects.

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