Drinking Beer in Barcelona

Every country is known for some kind of food and drink. There are many iconic drinks that have come out of many different countries and been co-opted by others. Some of the drinks are actually not very popular in the country but have become associated with them by those outside of the country.

For example, beer is iconic of Germany, bourbon of the United States, whiskey of Ireland, and the list goes on. When you think of Spain, you probably don’t think of beer, though you should. Spain has several advantages over other countries when it comes to beer. Spain produces great beer in many different areas, and it also imports excellent beer from around the world.

Spanish Domestics

Spain has some incredible beers that are produced in the country. If you are visiting somewhere such as Barcelona, you should look for different kinds of beer made in Barcelona. There are many Barcelona offers for domestic as well as imported beers. To understand why Spain has such great beer, you need to understand how beer is made, which will also give you an understanding of why you should definitely visit Barcelona.

At its simplest, beer is made from water, barley, and hops. The barley is allowed to germinate so that it releases its sugars, after which it is then roasted and ground. The roasted barley is mixed with water to create wort. Yeast is added last, as the yeast eats the sugar and then releases alcohol.

At the end of this process, you have beer. It’s that simple, though there are certain complexities. To grow the best barley and hops, you need certain conditions. Spain has many of these conditions, which also make it a great spot for holidays.

Spanish Climate

The climate in Spain is perfect for growing wheat and barley, as they need a lot of sun and regular rainfall (but not too much). Spain is a warm, sometimes more arid country that does not actually get too dry for wheat nor too wet either. That means it is great for growing hops as well. It’s also great for a holiday because you can trust that that weather will be nice for most of the days while you’re there.

Spain is also great for beer because it is centrally located in Europe. Parts of Spain border France and Portugal but it’s also only a few miles away from the Moroccan coast. As well as being on the Atlantic Ocean, Spain is also on the Mediterranean Sea, as are Italy, Eastern Europe, Lebanon, Cyprus, Greece, and dozens of other incredible places which all have great food, great drinks, and great cultures. If you want to experience all of it, you should start in Spain.

Through a quick boat ride, you can visit any one of three different continents – that’s how quickly you can get from Spain to anywhere in the world. Spain gives you a central location from which you can find great experiences. Also, if you never even leave Spain, you will still have access to all of the different cultures on the Mediterranean and throughout the world.