When is a Driver Considered Negligent in a car accident?

Thousands of lives are lost every year by horrible car crashes caused by human errors in the United States. Those accidents mostly happen because of Negligent operation of a vehicle such as drunken driving, Excessive speed, using the phone while driving, etc. A sufferer may have to identify these negligent operations of a car to get compensated while not knowing the required information might prevent him from getting maximum compensation.

So keep reading this article to know what are the most common negligent operations of a vehicle that will get you maximum compensation.

Drunken Driving

One of the leading reasons for a car accident in the USA is drunk driving. It is recommended to hire a taxi, call Uber or Lyft or call a friend if you had a drink. But if the driver still drives the car himself, it becomes a negligent operation in law.

Speeding/Reckless Driving

Pushing the speed limit or reckless driving is the second most common causes of the car accident whether the driver is running late or not. Also, changing lanes too quickly, being unaware or aggressive driving can cause a needless accident, and that is also considered an irresponsible act.

Distracted Driving

Although using a cell phone is an offensive act while driving, some people still call, text, or read news on the phone while driving. It is essential to pay full attention to the road while you are behind the wheels or it will be considered an inattentive crime if your inattention causes a car crash.

Failure to adjust to the condition

If you are driving, you must be able to adapt to driving in any situation. Sometimes the roads might be slippery due to rain, or the streets can have potholes in it, there can be low visibility problems, or even your tire can blow out unexpectedly. But in all conditions, you need to keep calm and must be able to control your vehicle so that it does not cause a car accident.

Sleeping while driving

Another thing that is considered inattentive is falling asleep while you are driving. If you are in the worry of falling asleep or your drowsy while driving you should take a taxi or tell your friend to drive you home to minimize the possibility of a car crash.

Improperly maintained car

It is inappropriate to drive a vehicle that is not adequately maintained because flaws in the vehicle can cause a severe accident. Even though it can not be avoided every time, a driver must take his car for regular maintenance and take note of any recalls in the news.


Some cars in front of a driver might be frustratingly slow, but it’s never an excuse to get too close to them. A driver must keep a safe distance from a car that is in front of him/her to allow him enough time to react to sudden turns or braking.

Being unaware of street signs

In unfamiliar areas, a driver should be attentive to street signs warning of one-way streets or other irregularities to prevent them from making mistakes. A driver must look for signals, traffic signs and obey the proper right way of turn so that they don’t get involved in a car accident.

Street Racing

Illegal street racing is a hazardous activity for the involved drivers, and it is a punishable offense. It can be a natural competition between two drivers who merely approach the same traffic light, or it can be a well-planned event without any safety precautions as well. If someone has died or injured in a street accident, he or his loved one may be a subject to compensation because of the physical pain and emotional anguish that they have suffered.

It is crucial for a driver to think about how beautiful his or the pedestrians lives are, dreams he or the pedestrians about to achieve. Life is entirely worth living, and it should not be harmed by any negligence or a moment of distraction.

But even if these negligent operations of a car accident happen to you or your loved one, I recommend you to talk with krasney law expert lawyers immediately for a free evaluation of your case. They understand the complexities of a car accident and will go all out to represent you for maximum damages.