Efficient Unpacking Tips After Moving House


Unpacking is just as important as packing when it comes to moving home. Here we have some simple, useful tips to make the unpacking process as easy as possible. 

Packing is important, but so is unpacking! You might think that you’ve got the hardest bit out of the way by moving items across to cheap storage units, getting your belongings to your new home and ensuring all the paperwork got completed properly – and you’d be right! But it’s not quite over just yet, you have the unpacking to do. Did you know some people can live in their house for months, and even years and still have boxes to unpack from their last house move? 

We wouldn’t advise leaving it that long, so here are 5 tips to help you unpack like a pro:

1.Getting Started

Just after moving to a new house it can be really tempting to get everything unpacked straight away, however, this isn’t necessarily the best approach. Think about it, you’ve just been extremely stressed and gone through something people consider to be one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through in a lifetime – don’t you think you deserve just a little break? 

Consider approaching unpacking like you did packing – take it maybe one room, one box or one weekend at a time. Get all the essentials out, but otherwise take your time – you’re filling out your new home! It is also a good idea to keep most things packed while you redecorate (if you need to) and clean. Also try to approach unpacking like you did packing and sell, give to charity or put into self storage any items you don’t want or need right now or ever again. 

2. Kitchen

Don’t bother with any decorative pieces – start with any kitchen appliances and place them first as they are your priority. Then take a look around your kitchen and try to place items in your mind. Where would the pans go? Would those vintage teacups look nice on that ledge? That way you can have a rough idea of where everything is going as you unpack it. 

3. Bathroom

This shouldn’t take much unpacking at all and chances are it will become filled very quickly as you’ll want to use it potentially on your first night in your new home. Just remember to wash any towels after moving if they haven’t been properly sealed away. 

4. Living Room

You may need to unpack the living room over a weekend depending on whether your sofas and chairs are still in your personal self-storage unit units or not. Try to plan your living room layout to avoid stressed arguments with relatives moving the positions of heavy furniture over and over again. Your first priority should be putting curtains up, so at the very least you have privacy. 

5. Bedroom

If you don’t have your beds and mattresses on moving day, don’t worry you can just have a fun camp out with duvets and blankets – it won’t do anyone any harm. When you do get your beds and mattresses from self storage, remember to dust your bedframe while you have full access to it, and give your mattress a good hoover. 

Remember take your time and enjoy filling up your lovely new home!