Everything to Know about Moon Sign Astrology & How It Impacts Your Life

You will definitely know about your Sun sign, which is so easy to determine. All you need is to just know your date of birth. While sun signs are used in Astrology across the globe, here in India it is the Moon Sign Astrology and Numerology that is practiced traditionally.

While the sun spends a month in each zodiac sign in its yearly course, the moon covers the same zodiac journey in a month, spending just a little more than two days in each sign. Thus, to find your moon sign, you need to know the exact time of your birth as it is determined by seeing where the Moon was travelling through at that time.

You can find a good numerologist in India and then there are astrologers who work on sun signs, but the most common are those who work on moon signs. Indians consider that if you really want to know what potential you have in a cosmic or a soulful manner you need to know your moon sign.

How Moon Impacts Life?

When an astrologer interprets a birth chart, he/she looks for Sun, Rising and Moon signs. The sun represents the mind or the ego, the rising represents the body and it’s the moon that represents the soul of the person. Thus, the moon is linked to “subtle realms” of a person. It is seen as the reflection of a person’s subconscious or instinctual patterns and habits.

How Does Moon and Sun Sign Depict Different Things?

It is strongly believed in the astrological world that a person is what his/her signs say. The Moon is known to rule the emotional side and where it is placed in your zodiac chart tells a lot about you as a person.

Everyone wants to be happy in his/her life, but it depends a lot on your charts. Your Sun sign tells you how to express your identity to the outside world and shine in it, whereas the Moon sign gives the insight into your inner world. It reveals how a person will or will not feel happy, safe and content in life. Thus, the moon is the ruler of your personality while sun that of your individuality.

You can say that Sun represents how others see us while the moon represents how we are actually deep inside ourselves. Moon has a certain mysterious side associated with it with many deep hidden aspects. As the moon moves through the entire Zodiac in a period of just 28 days, its effects vary on a monthly basis.

The conventional Indian Astrology believes that moon sign can depict how we react and face different situations in our life. Although both the sun and the moon signs are known to impact the destiny of an individual, the Vedic astrology believes that Moon signs are more predictive, accurate and elaborate. This is because it takes into account all the aspects of the celestial activity.