Everything You Must Know Before Going to Lake Toba

Tourism at Lake Toba is rather created, but it still retains its quiet charm. It is the largest volcanic lake globally, measuring 1,707 sq ft. it’s formed by a gigantic volcanic eruption some 70,000 years ago and is probably the world’s biggest caldera. As a fact, this lake was a commodity of a massive supervolcanic explosion about 77,000 decades ago. It is known as the Toba catastrophe theory that is rumored to have killed a lot of the human population. Having a calm and serene beauty, most men and women make a trip here just to unwind and while the time away, especially after a hardcore extended backpacking or trekking.

What you can expect

Amidst mountains with the clear lake, which practically reflects anything, it’s undoubtedly a relaxing place. However, as a bonus, the Batak people living here are yet another highlight of this area. Being outgoing will ensure your stay is worth it. Simply say “Horas” (the heritage Batak greeting), and you’ll undoubtedly need a dose of the hospitality and some of the regional jungle juice, music, and pipes!

As mentioned, it is somewhere to unwind, and it’s mostly not to do many things. Just kick back and relax, chill with the lakeside. If you must do something, swim in the volcanic lake, or take a boat out of the lake either in the afternoon or in an overnight celebration, together with using the volcano as a background. Book fans can have some studying here with where there is a second-hand bookshop to allow you to pick from.

For some active things to do, then you can go kayaking on Lake Toba. You may also just have a boat ride on the lake. Not to forget, appreciate the many delectable foods at nearby villages in Tomok. Another idea is to lease a motorbike and tour around the Samosir island yourself.

Also, you have to go to Tuk-tuk, a popular location for those tourists, having an excellent view of Lake Toba. Here you can get your shopping and purchase some books in the second-hand bookshop. Or you can go to Tomok, a quieter place but with better food options Indonesian food. You might also bask in its rich civilization since there is the burial place for King Sidabutar, which can be significant to the local people.

The ideal time to visit

The warmth might appear high since it continues to summertime, but additionally, it is erratic and may have sudden rain. During winter, there’s a good deal of rainfall here. The location is also especially popular throughout Chinese New Year, so typically approximately January/February of the calendar year, so, be aware of the rise in costs and cramp in style.

Foods Recommendation

There isn’t any local Indonesian food from restaurants in Tuk-tuk (the main street),also found varying in prices and quality. Here to add on to the air, magical mushrooms and assorted happy herb pizza can be found as well. Drinks will also be no shortage here, with different pubs scattered around, however best to get it in the guesthouse.

Getting There and Getting Around

Fly into Medan and then travel by land to Parapat, a town adjacent to Lake Toba. It is a 4 hours trip away from Medan by bus. Or you can take a taxi or schedule a vehicle from Medan airport to Parapat. Else you can fly from Medan Polonia airport to Silangit with Susi Air daily, for only 30 minutes and safer than the road trip. But the flight prices would be about 38USD one way.

Local people transports the vessel in the lake. Public Boats from Parapat and surrounding regions like Tuk-tuk or Tomok in Samosir Island are approximately 7,000 Rp each trip. You could also employ a motorcycle if you want to have some control and flexibility, though roads could be bumpy. Else if only going near, a bike can be leased and for a nominal fee.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Lake Toba by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.