Everything You Need To Know About Band Saws before Buying Them

The band saw is one of the most popular and multifaceted tools you are able to possess. It can cut long straight cuts utilizing a fence, it might rip, make curved cuts, cuts that are circular, and did you know that the wood cutting blade works very well when cutting gauge aluminum that is light? The band saw can function as the workhorse of your all your tools in case you pick the right one.

There are a few things to remember when looking for a band saw.

There are two common styles of the three wheel, band saws and the two wheel. After this it is largely an issue of size. Two wheels are a lot easier to align properly and keep aligned during use than three.

This is a case to demonstrate that size does matter. The band saw blades last longer when they aren’t pulled over a radius that was too small. The tighter the radius the more the blade bends which causes work hardening of the blade stuff.

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The size of material you are able to cut is decided upon by the throat dimension which will be based on the width of the drive and guide wheels. This means that a 14 inch band saw which has 14 inch diameter wheels will manage as much as a 14 inch cutting width. Band saws that are smaller sometimes use three smaller sized wheels to raise the cutting width. Again, these small diameter wheels will shorten blade life.

Bearings run smoother, cooler and more quiet.

Nearly all power saws have guide blocks but there are conversion kits available or blocks made out of resins, which run cooler and smoother in relation to the steel factory ones provided. Blades will last longer, if is worth using either alternative since you and also the noise level will practically be cut in half.

The table should really be substantial enough to provide for the material and strong. Shy from sheet metal tables that flex. This really is an indication of a low-cost band saw and you’ll not be happy with it in the long term. A high quality band saw has a cast iron table or heavy cast duty aluminum table. There must be no bending, flexing, or movement whatsoever in the cutting table.

Make sure that the

  • blade tension
  • tracking,
  • height and
  • table adjustments

are convenient, simple to use and secure. You do not want to be always fixing and tuning the machine so make sure there aren’t any apparent problems. Any sloppy connections or adjustments could mean problems in tracking or stability.

Drive motor size ought to be 2 HP and rather at minimal 1 HP and larger. It’s safer to run a more substantial motor at half electricity rather than run a smaller motor at 90% electricity. The smaller motor possess a shorter life expectancy than a motor that is more substantial and will run more popular.

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