Factors to Consider when Selecting the Wall Hanging Tapestries

When you are shopping for tapestry wall hangings in order to decorate your home, it is crucial to choose one which you love. Just as oil paintings, tapestry is an art piece which decorates your home for several years. Wall hanging tapestries are utilized as a point of focus in your room and there are several factors you should consider when you are selecting the correct piece for filling up the empty wall space. The fabric wall hangings may be a bit expensive as compared to the elephant tapestry, it is therefore crucial to perform some diligence once you are selecting a tapestry of your choice since it can be a huge financial investment. Below are a few tips for selecting the right tapestry for your wall.

Tapestry Size

You need a tapestry wall hanging which is proportional in terms of your open space’s size on your wall. You need to center that tapestry on the wall & still have some space around that hanging. A smaller hanging is going to look inappropriate on an empty wall. On the other hand, an oversized hanging which leaves little or even no border around your wall will seem out of place.

Most decorators will recommend hanging the tapestries in a large room having high ceilings. One should select an empty wall space which has nothing hanging on it. A room or a space which is smaller may still fit the tapestries; however, you should go for a smaller tapestry. Tapestries have various shapes & sizes, a round or small piece will be fit for a smaller room.

Wall tapestry’s fabric & coloring

The tapestries’ fabric should mesh properly with the other textures in your room. It should have a good contrast to your room’s furniture. Tapestries have various designs such as: landscapes, outdoor scenes & floral. Choose a design which suits your own tastes & the one you are going to love for several years.

Other factors to consider

Consider the tapestries’ orientation in relation to your wall’s space. When you hang a tapestry in a horizontal way will give an illusion that your room & wall are larger than they are. Hanging your tapestry in a vertical way will be perfectly suited by a narrow wall & it will make the low ceilings seem higher, since the eye is going to travel vertically on the wall hanging.

Some tapestries are dark with some rich-looking fabrics; they can therefore darken up your room. Hang the tapestries in rooms having sufficient natural light or hang them in a well-lit room. If you are not sure of your tapestry choice, consult a friend or an interior designer who has a good taste for home art.

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