Fitness, Faith, and Fun – Athletics at Mount Paran Christian School  

Mount Paran Christian School (MPCS) is a private Christian school in Atlanta, GA that serves children throughout the entire education cycle whether they start and finish their entire career at MPCS or bless the school with their presence later in their learning. In addition to a dedication to a thorough education that lets children lead a happy and fulfilled life, MPCS is committed to teaching students to embrace the capabilities of their own bodies and improving their health through participation in sports.

MPCS starts the kids off by encouraging their natural playing habits that kept kids in healthy condition before we started leading a more technology-centered lifestyle. This continues throughout kindergarten and elementary school with the children learning how to move and practicing the rules to team sports with their classmates and enjoying the benefits of facilities like the multiple gymnasiums or the two-story playground. Between the books and the play, kids should be arriving home tired yet fulfilled every day.

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Middle school is when the students begin to participate in organized team sports that compete against students from nearby schools, in addition to their normal physical education activities. Students can choose to try out for softball, baseball, track and field, wrestling, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, competition cheerleading, or even fishing. The cross country and football teams are no cut, so any student willing to dedicate the time can participate and learn. While there are no state competitions for middle school sports, the MPCS teams compete in the Metro 10 area.

At the high school level, MPCS helps children both continue to stay physically fit through activity and encourages them to improve their skills to give them the joy of challenge and the chance at moving forward into college sports and beyond. While winning isn’t everything, MPCS has strived to bring out the best in these students, and the record shows. The competition cheerleading team has won five consecutive state titles. The football team won state in 2015, and they consistently rank highly in the playoffs. Nearly every team sport features a MPCS team in competition at the state level. This translates into more experience and exposure for the students, the latter of which can be essential for students who are looking for scholarships to attend the school of their dreams.

Mount Paran Christian School is proud to have a strong athletic heritage backed by stellar academics and a foundation of faith. If you would like to know more about the athletic programs or MPCS in general, the school is available for contact online, by phone, or in person.