Are floor cleaning liquids safe?

Many household cleaning agents are toxic in nature, and not safe for young children and pets. But a safe floor cleaning liquid from Dettol is the answer to unclean, unhygienic floors.

Keeping the house spic and span is a full-time job, and one that requires a battery of detergents, powders, brushes, brooms and mops to get the job done. You probably have a whole basket of cleaning materials at the ready, starting with floor cleaners. But have you checked the substances that comprise your regular floor cleaner – and are you certain that it not harmful to you and your family?

How can floor cleaners be hazardous?

When you invest in a floor cleaner powder or liquid, you expect it to perform one function efficiently – clean the floors! But most floor cleaners on sale today are full of strong substances like acids and bleaches. While these may certainly remove dirt and grease from the floor, they also leave behind a fine residue that may trigger respiratory disorders, or headaches, or even transfer to the skin when you walk on the floor, and cause chemical burns. This residue is especially harmful to crawling babies and pets.

It is not necessary that the floor cleaning liquid that you use must be super toxic to be able to perform the job of making the floors 100% clean. In fact, milder floor cleaning liquids like the antibacterial liquids from Dettol, offer superior protection against as many as 100 illness causing germs. They do not have any side effects, and they also impart lasting protection till the next floor cleaning routine.

The cleaning agents to watch out for

Normally, the most corrosive cleaning agents are drain cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners and tile cleaners. Most people mistakenly use the same cleaning liquids for wall tiles and bathroom tiles on their household floors. This is a mistake, since the household tiles do not require a strong floor cleaning liquid – the corrosive nature of these other cleaners may ruin the look and texture of your floor tiles.

Be very careful about the kind of floor cleaning liquids that you opt for. Harsh chemical-laden cleaners can cause more harm than good to you and your loved ones.

Why choose Dettol floor cleaning liquid?

Offering superior antibacterial and fungicidal action use after use, Dettol floor cleaning liquid is mild on your skin but super strong on germs and infectious bacteria.

It is also a cost-effective daily solution to your floor cleaning problems, since you only need to add one capful of the liquid to one litre of clean water. Sweep the floor to remove visible dust and dirt, and then mop with the Dettol cleaning liquid as you normally mop the floors. Allow it to air dry and take care not to walk on the floor till it dries completely.