Fly with Your Pets In-Cabin or Checked Baggage

Qatar Airways Offers Safe Transport of your Pets on Reasonable Cost

For pet lovers, it is really difficult to travel without them. It is the reason, world’s best airways offer personalized services to keep the feathered and furry pets while traveling. Whether you have a domestic cat, dog or bird, you are allowed to keep the pets in form of checked baggage on flight as per travel rules and regulations. Keep in mind, countries have their different rules. If you are traveling with pets, you must provide information at the time of booking so you are provided relevant information and requirements of different areas. Qatar Airways Offers concerning on flight pets are economical after checking the veterinarian health certificate of animals and pet passport.

Types of Animals

  • Service dogs

While traveling on special route, many airlines permit service dogs to sit in the passenger cabin without taking any charge. In such cases, the passenger may have a disability and pet is allowed to accompany the traveler. While going to other routes, checked baggage are used to hold in the aircraft without taking charges.

  • Falcons

It is possible to keep your falcon in the cabin of Economy Class. If you have more than one falcon (maximum 6), it is allowed to keep these in the Economy Class after checking the rules and regulations of other countries. Though service dogs can travel without any charge but falcon checked baggage demands to pay travelling cost.

Containers for Pets

If you demand a pet container, choose the adequate size with plenty of openings for fresh air exposure. According to type and size of the animal, the container must be strong enough to avoid break out. Get benefit of Qatar Airways Offers and make transport of your pets affordable and secure. For the protection and health of pet, transfer of pets is not accepted if passengers carry their pets in too small containers. Do not forget that specific breeds of cats and dogs are not allowed to transport since these are sensitive to heat stroke if they experience pressure or heat (more than 21 C).

Before & During Flight Pet Care

After receiving pets on the airport, it is the responsibility of an airline to offer enough space to pets so they can stretch out and walk easily. Side by side, animals are being checked to find out if they are stressed or sick. Their containers are cleaned thus they can travel in non-contaminated kennels. During transit, cats and dogs are given comfortable, clean and large size kennels.

Food for Pets

Passengers are not given direct access to their pets during flight; subsequently it is suggested to keep quality food and water in right amount. In case, insufficient amount of food is provided, your pet will remain hungry. If the owner cannot bring food, the best airlines offer services staff to give right food after four hours. In addition food is given just 120 minutes before take-off. Fresh water is provided to pets after 60 minutes. Get an advantage of Qatar Airways Offers and carry service dog or any other pet in a safe environment.