FOD*BOSS is the industry leader in collecting Foreign Object Debris from airfields and military operations

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) on airfields is a dangerous thing.  Rocks, nuts and bolts, pavement fragments, sand, and hundreds of other things find their way onto airfields. An estimated $4 million dollars of damage occurs every year when FOD cuts tires, is sucked into engines, or blown from engine exhaust.  In addition, the physical damage to plans, or potential injury to personnel, downtown to make repairs or inspect damage costs money as well.

The FOD BOSS is a unique Rapid Response Airport Sweeper designed specifically to mitigate damage by collecting debris in a low-cost manner.  The patented FOD BOSS can be towed by any motorized vehicle – even a golf cart – with no special licenses or permits needed.  A complete line of adapters and accessories are available to connect to any vehicle.

Made by Aerosweep, it has a unique sweeping motion that collects everything in its range.  It’s nearly indestructible, with almost no breakable parts.  That means maintenance-free and long life.

The FOD BOSS sweeper has a top speed of 25mph (40km/h).  The sweeper is incredibly efficient with a pick-up rate that is unequaled by any other sweeper.  FOD BOSS can also be operated with a catcher to pick up larger FOD and can be operated in tandem.  For even wider coverage, two or even three units can be operated at once.

While operating, you can track and log your progress on an iPad or iPhone.  You can even watch operations as they happen to show at a glance what you have left to sweep.  Data is collected during operations and then stored in a secured account.

In addition to collecting FOD, it’s important to airport operators to make sure the process doesn’t damage the runway.  The FOD BOSS does not use suction to collect debris, so there are no worries about lifting surfaces.  It is low impact, thereby reducing the possibility of damage.

The unique sweeper operation uses a series of industrial-strength brushes designed for long life.  The brushes churn up the FOD, which is collected by scoops, and trapped by the mesh trap.  Because of its compact size, it can be transported to sites quickly and easily.

The FOD BOSS sweeper is simply the most cost-efficient sweeper on the market.  It can be used during wet or dry weather at any time of day. Used by airports and military bases all over the world, the sweeper has garnered universal praise for its ease-of-operation, its thorough job of collecting debris, and the speed in which it does the job.  From large rocks to sand, it simply sucks up everything in its path.

Inexpensive, easy to operate, and nearly indestructible, the FOD BOSS does the job of preventing expensive Foreign Object Debris damage and costly downtime.