Gain more Amazon reviews without breaching the law  

When it comes to online reviews, Amazon has a lot of rules and restrictions. If they are broken, people risk having their product listings stopped or removed permanently. They need to educate themselves on these guidelines, but here are the big no-nos:

  • Don’t leave reviews for themselves or their rivals.
  • It is not permitted to write false reviews.
  • Discounts or free products should not be offered in exchange for reviews.

Amazon would like that all of their evaluations come from customers on their own, but they all know that sometimes buyers need a little help. So, how are they going to gain more Amazon reviews without breaching the law?

While using feedback software is beneficial, consumers must still write an engaging message to receive more Amazon reviews. For more information please visit  Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind.

  • It’s all about the timing: When the buyer is most likely to respond, send a request. Consider time zones, national holidays, and other situations in which they can be unavailable. Ascertain that individuals schedule their requests once they’ve had a chance to try out the product.
  • Selectively: Ensure that consumers obtain Amazon evaluations from customers who believe they had the finest possible experience. On-time delivery and smooth assistance are important considerations. Choose to exclude their consumer from receiving a request for feedback if they have raised a support query with their firm.
  • Don’t ask for comments on delicate products—if people want to get a high feedback score, stay away from products that might break during delivery. Instead, consider things that are easy to transport and have a long track record of positive reviews. Analyze the goods that have previously performed well with customers so that positive comments from satisfied customers can be targeted.
  • Exceed customer expectations– When collecting feedback, go the additional mile and provide any product resources that can persuade the consumer to give them an extra star, such as links to video tutorials so they can get the most out of their product.
  • Anticipate the demands of their customers: Address any typical product questions and inquire whether the consumer requires any assistance in getting started.
  • Reverse negative feedback- The most important thing to do when people hear unfavorable criticism is to apologize. The response should be tailored to the customer’s specific needs so that they feel valued. Address their consumer in a nice, respectful tone, but avoid being too casual, as this will aggravate an already irritated customer.


Provide exceptional eCommerce customer service – A good customer service experience can mean the difference between a one-time buyer and a repeat customer. Any encounter they have with their customers, from a simple inquiry about how their product works to a shipping status update, is an opportunity to boost their brand’s impression. Customers are more likely to post a good Amazon review if they receive excellent customer care. Customers are often pleased when their customer service team successfully resolves an issue or query. It’s a fantastic moment for them to ask for a review while they are in that good frame of mind.