Gurin Launched Compact Small Dehumidifier With Whisper Quiet Technology

Gurin Products LLC has offered a compact and small Thermo Electric dehumidifier that has earned the name of being the quietest one in the mini dehumidifier segment in the market, as it is backed by advanced technology. It is a sleek appliance with a compact body designed to work in a super silent fashion that makes it a highly portable device. This dehumidifier has the ability to remove the moisture from a specific area in a thorough fashion. It can perform the task of dehumidification in a quick and effortless way. It is an ideal choice for rooms with small area to maintain it with a humidity free ambience. This compact shaped device can be a best fit for your work bench, boat, safe, desk and RV.

What Is So Amazing About The Thermo Electric Dehumidifier By Gurin?

As the top class Peltier technology powers the Electric Dehumidifier, it is compressor free and enables it to perform in a powerful manner. This technology enables it to operate with whisper quiet technology. It is a great choice for the rooms that are small and of medium size, such as store rooms, closets, kitchens, bathrooms, safes, basement and kitchens. It can handle the humidity found in these areas, where moisture removing is a tedious task. The body of this dehumidifier is white in colour and the base is blue and transparent that helps it complement the sleek interiors. The weight of this quiet machine is a mere 2.6 pounds and the dimensions are 11.1 x 6.4 x 5.2 inches. This offering from Gurin is designed with a water tank with the volume of 8 ounces to hold the water. The total sound output of this mini dehumidifier is just 44.5 dB, which helps it to operate in a super silent fashion and save energy at the same time.

This Mini Compact Dehumidifier has the LED indicator to indicate when it’s time to empty its water tank. It has the capacity to operate in a powerful fashion in areas with the temperature of up to 86 degree F and humidity levels up to 80%.


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