HCG Drops: What You Need to Know

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) very commonly identified as a naturally occurring hormone in women mostly during pregnancy. As confirmed by physicians the presence of this hormone can help reduce a lot of weight naturally. That’s the promise which has turned this hormone into a new and exciting diet which is gaining its popularity as the HCG diet over the world.

HCG diet is seamlessly effective in losing weight if one is suffering from weight disorders or obesity. Because one can easily lose a pound even being on a ultra-low-calorie diet as HCG helps to reset your metabolism instead feeling weak or hungry. What’s more interesting is that you don’t have to wait for a long duration to achieve this promising goal. HCG diet allows you to be on a 800-1000 calorie diet for at least 8 weeks and the easiest way to include this in your diet is via HCG Drops.

To start with, HCG Drops are diet drops which are prescribed for women during their pregnancy for fertility purposes. The weight loss characteristic of HCG drops was discovered by a British endocrinologist, Albert Simeons in the year 1930 which has been used along with a low-calorie-diet to enhance weight loss since then. These diet drops constitute of human chorionic gonadotropin, vitamins and minerals. Since these ingredients have the potential to help lose weight easily, they were initially triggered as homeopathic treatment methods for weight loss.

The 800 Calorie Diet and Menu for Weight Loss

But to follow an 800 -1000 calorie diet initially seemed to be a not-so-feasible option as alleged by many to be a simple and plain starvation diet. But HCG drops not only helped to cut down the cravings but also helped a lot in restoring the metabolism which made weight loss easy while following an extremely low calorie diet. Typically, when the body takes lesser calories than what it burns, naturally body’s metabolism tends to slow down and preserve fats stores. While HCG helps to readjust the hypothalamus, metabolize the stubborn fats and keep the body going, yet it has certain restrictions of its own. It’s not a gluten free diet and can be taken up by anyone. Vegans need to be more cautious about their protein intake since the calorie intake in this diet would be very low.

Since this HCG diet has been very effective in losing weight but it’s not safe to take matters into our own hands. The best way to follow this method of losing weight is under prior supervision of a doctor/ physician. As per your physician, one must meet their regular calorie intake. If advised supplements can be taken since it is very difficult to maintain a balance between all components i.e. proteins, vitamins and minerals while following this strict ultra-low-calorie-diet.

HCG drops are generally derived by electronically creating impression of the hormone’s fat burning qualities onto a colloidal-mineral-water base. These drops contain the components that only enhance the fat metabolizing characteristics of the hormone and are available in various forms like oral drops, injection shots, pellets, sprays etc. HCG oral drops are one of the most convenient methods to lose weight. This pharmaceutical drop can be orally taken by placing the drop right under the tongue from where it can directly be incorporated into the blood. HCG drops are available only under a doctor/physician’s prescription.

But the most important question is “Do HCG Drops Really work?” “Are they effective for weight loss?”Well, to answer, who doesn’t like to lose weight, instantly and naturally? But then there has been no strong medical evidence supporting this methodology yet. Moreover there is no scientific data that claims weight loss. According to American Society of Bariatric Physicians no proper clinical trials have been published since the Meta analysis in 1995. On grounds of lack of clinical validity of this process, the HCG drops might face a backdrop. But then every cloud has a silver lining. Every coin has two sides. With perks of losing weight with just a few drops of HCG it is definitely going to be a game changer. With genuine brands and retailers claiming no major side effects of the product since it consists of all natural ingredients and under proper doctor’s supervision consumption of HCG drops is absolutely safe, we hope HCG drops to be a great success.