Home care helps you live with dignity in your later years


Growing old gracefully doesn’t happen to everyone but finding the right care plan can make it more likely. Find out how in-home carer can help you live with dignity.

Getting old isn’t the most pleasant of experiences. As your body wears out it can become harder to maintain your self-respect – after all having to ask for help to get off the sofa or wear an incontinence pad is hardly the most dignified of situations!



Put simply home care is care in your home. It can range from a simple cleaner or home help who can assist with shopping and cooking to having a live-in care service providing full-time care. It has the advantage that you can tailor the service to provide a personalised level of care based on your particular needs.


  • Help with daily living


In home care provides assistance with your personal care needs. Your carer can help you to get dressed and undressed, to brush your hair and have a shower, to go to the toilet or change your continence products. They can help you to move around your home and ensure that your surroundings are kept safe for you.


  • Help with the household


A full-time live in carer will often take on the role of housekeeper as well. They will cook, shop for food and keep the house clean. The beauty of having your own live-in carer is that you can choose how much control you relinquish. If you still enjoy cooking, for example, but arthritis means moving pans around or chopping ingredients is tricky your carer can assist you in preparing meals by taking over the parts you find difficult.


  • Care for the rest of the household


Your spouse, partner or companion may have different care needs to you. At present they may still be able to look after themselves but find the level of care they need to provide is beyond them or they may also need help with daily tasks. You can remain living together in your own home with your care provided for by a live-in carer who can offer tailored care to both of you.


  • Care for your pets


Many live-in carers will be happy to take your dogs for a walk or clean out the cat’s litter tray. Home care means you don’t need to choose between receiving the level of care you need and your pets.


  • Help outside the home


Reduced mobility, deteriorating eyesight and other complications of getting older can turn even simple trips out into marathons. An in home carer is not just for in home – many will accompany you shopping, drive you to appointments and can even provide chaperone services should you wish.


  • Preserving family relationships


Growing old means turning the parent-child relationship on its head. Instead of being the carer you are now the cared-for. This can place a huge strain on your relationship with your children and grandchildren but a live-in carer can take some of the strain off the relationship by providing your care instead of your family providing it, and thus retaining your dignity.