How Long Does a Burn Take to Heal? A Simple Guide

Nearly 500,000 people visit an emergency room each year for a burn.

Though burns are common, they can be extremely damaging to the skin and body, especially during the healing process. Proper care must be taken after suffering a burn to help the area repair and heal fully.

How long does a burn take to heal? And what should you do after accidentally burning yourself? Read on to find out based on the severity of the burn.

First-Degree Burns

If you’ve ever burnt your finger on a stove or suffered a sunburn, you’ve likely experienced a first-degree burn. These burns are mild and result in less damage than second or third-degree burns.

Still, first-degree burns can take some time to heal. It can take around 10 days for the top layer of damaged skin to shed, leaving healthy skin underneath.

Second-Degree Burns

Second-degree burns damage skin beyond the top layer. Because the damage is deeper, a considerable amount of pain, swelling, and blistering are common.

There may also be long-lasting effects, such as a change in the color or texture of the skin. You can expect a second-degree burn to heal within one month.

Third-Degree Burns

Third-degree burns are the most damaging, impacting all layers of the skin. There may be nerve damage, a loss of skin, open wounds, and severe scarring after.

Without medical care, third-degree burns may never heal. But with help from a doctor, these burns may begin to heal within one month or longer. Recovery time varies greatly depending on the extent of the third-degree burn and the type of treatment offered.

How to Treat a Burn

To help your burn heal quickly, it’s important to properly care for the affected area.

If you’ve suffered a first-degree burn, cool water can soothe any pain and inflammation. Aloe vera and gauze can also help to soothe and protect the burned skin. You can also use over-the-counter pain medicines for pain that won’t go away.

For second-degree burns, the risk of infection rises compared to milder first-degree burns. You should have a burn first aid kit with ointment and antibiotic creams. You can find these items in a medical first aid supplies shop.

Widespread burns, third-degree burns, chemical burns, and electrical burns require emergency help. These types of burns can be particularly damaging if not handled by a doctor. In particular, third-degree burns and electrical burns can be fatal.

You should also contact a doctor if you experience severe pain, skin damage that doesn’t heal after 14 days, a fever, or other new or unusual symptoms.

How Long Does a Burn Take to Heal?

Burns should be treated carefully during the healing stage, but how long does a burn take to heal? The answer depends on the type of burn, as well as the treatment used. Don’t be afraid to contact a doctor or hospital if you’ve suffered a burn. In some cases, it could even save your life.

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