How Pre Construction Anti Termite Control Is Done To Stop Termite Infestation

When you build your dream home you make sure that it is robust and can withstand any external challenges. Sometimes beside the atmospheric entities that cause damage to the integrity, some pests can impart potential threat to the foundation of the building. Termite infestation is a big problem handle as they appear in colonies underground.


Termites not only devour the furniture and other wooden installations but also weaken the infrastructure of the house by entering the cracks and openings. Below are symbols of termite attack.

  • Wooden furniture when tapped sounds hollow.
  • Appearance of winged insects from the soil in the premise.
  • Tubes of mud on the walls and wooden parts.
  • Wings discarded from the insects.

The indicators will show that your premises are infested with termites. The problem is difficult to handle as they infestations take place both in the exterior and interior zones of the house. The swarm needs constant supply of cellulose to survive and this is why they are attracted to the wooden furniture, wooden floors and even cardboards or paper items. The colonies are found underground where one nest contains more than thousand termites. The grave problem can be handled by Pre Construction Anti Termite Control service. The expert service makes sure that the undergoing construction is never affected by termites.

How Pre Construction Anti Termite Control is done?

Safety from termites is very necessary for domestic as well commercial premises as the infestation can badly mess with the internal furniture and paper works. This is why Pre Construction Anti Termite Control is a mandatory option that everyone avails these days.

  1. Termite resistant chemicals like ‘Bayer Agenda 25’ are used at the sides and bottom of the trenches dug to build foundation. The pits are treated with chemicals up to the height of 30 cm and the rate of use of chemical is 5 liters/sq. meters.
  2. After the foundation is built earth is filled in the sides of all walls and the same chemicals are used to treat at a higher rate up to considerable depth of 45cm and 15cm of width.
  3. The chemicals are sprayed focusing the masonry surface properly.
  4. Before the laying of the floor starts, the earth beneath is aptly treated with Pre Construction Anti Termite Control chemicals. The consolidated mass of earth underneath the floor must not have any space untreated.


After the treatment is done the plan of the construction must be properly reviewed so that any kind of further construction near the premise is avoided that can jeopardize the Pre Construction Anti Termite Control setup. Creating a garden near the walls can susceptibly create holes in the barrier and the termites can easily crawl in. In fact continuous use of water near the foundation walls can wash away the chemicals and the barrier becomes incomplete. It is better to create such things keeping a considerable distance from the foundation of the main premises. The experts from pest control services know the pros of the process and the entire venture will be done with precision.