How to Choose the Perfect Shower Curtain Rod for Your Bathroom?

Are you looking for the top shower curtains rod? First, you need to consider where it is to be installed. A bathroom is one of the most overlooked rooms in most peoples’ homes. It is a small room that is not used by visitors much, so less time is spent cleaning and organizing that room. This is unfortunate as the bathroom is the most important room in a house and should be comfortable and functional for people who use it.

Most of the important accessory in a bathroom is the shower curtains and to hang it; you need a perfect curtain rod. The first type of rods is normally straight towards. Most homes that have curtains rods use these types of rods in the shower. They are a rod that goes from the front of the shower to the back to hold up shower curtains to prevent water from splashing all over the bathroom.

The nested type of shower curtains rods is curve type. The rods are similar to the straight rod but have the added benefit of being curved. The curved shape gives the user some extra advantages of space as it adds on few inches more to the shower area. This can be a huge benefit if you have a small shower and looking for an inexpensive way to make it larger. The last type shower curtains rod is corner rod.

These rods are used especially when you have a corner shower in the bathroom. They are very specific, so if you are looking for a corner shower rod, you will want to make sure that the model you are considering will work for the application that you want to use it for. In case you want a permanent curtain rod, then do not mind for a few holes in the walls, you should choose a rod that comes with screws and mounting brackets. One such rod is Brushed, Nickel Rod.

Some questions you should ask yourself before you buy

Which enclosure do you want?

It is obvious that this decision has a huge impact your choice. If you prefer to have shower doors, you will obviously not have curtain rods, but you will need a sturdy frame to support your shower doors. If you want curtains, then you still have to figure out if you want a rectangular or a rounded-off shower pan, because this will determine if you end up with one or two shower curtains and it will influence your choice of curtain rails.

Functionality or design – which one is more important for you?

Your choice determines which shower curtains rod you will eventually choose. The reason for this is that many flamboyant shower curtains rails do not allow quasi-effortless shower curtains movement. If they have a rather rough surface, and if you do not use hooks at all, or if you use hooks that do not slide very easily, this is something that might eventually be annoying. It also requires that you attach the bar a lot sturdier because the forces applied to increase many times over. After answering all the questions to yourself, you know what to buy.

Source: showercurtainsspecialist.com