How to Clean Commercial Floors


Do you have a property that’s a bit dirty? Have you ever noticed that commercial floors are never quite as clean as the rest of the building? Well, that’s because high volumes of foot traffic can have that effect on floors.

Thankfully, there’s a way to make commercial floor cleaning much easier. Below are some steps to help you keep your commercial floors clean.

Step 1: Sweep, Vacuum, and Mop Regularly

Commercial cleaning companies understand that their clients probably won’t invest in a quality floor cleaning machine. This means that commercial cleaners must focus on sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping as much as possible to keep their floors clean. Maintenance is key.

Step 2: Vacuum Floors Before Mopping

Before you mop your floor, make sure you vacuum first. The reason for this is that vacuuming pre-cleans the floor before mopping.

 And, when you mop a commercial floor, you are likely to spread around any dirt or debris that might be on the floor. This makes commercial floor cleaning useless.

Step 3: Use High-Quality Cleaning Products

A good way to keep your commercial floors clean is to invest in high-quality cleaning products. You might have to spend a bit more money initially, but the investment is worth it in the long run. 

Following this commercial floor cleaning advice extends the life of the floors.

Step 4: Get the Right Mop for the Floor

It’s important that you get the right mop for your specific floor type. For example, you will not want to use the same mop on a hardwood floor as you would on a marble floor. This tip may seem tedious, but it makes a difference.

Step 5: Make Sure Floors Dry Thoroughly

Don’t walk on wet floors because it can damage them and cause other problems later. Wait for your floor to dry thoroughly before walking anywhere near it. You definitely don’t want to ruin your hard work.

Step 6: Make Sure You Have the Proper Equipment for Your Floor Type

Don’t use improper equipment when mopping your floor. If you do, it can cause discolorations and scratches on your floor. For example, you should never use a scrubber or steel wool on your marble floors!

Step 7: Call a Professional Commercial Flooring Cleaning Service

If you can’t maintain your commercial floors, a professional service might be a good investment. You can trust the experts to help keep your floors clean and well maintained so that they always look great.

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A Quick Overview of Cleaning Commercial Floors

In summary, the best way to keep commercial floors looking their best is to invest in quality products and floor cleaning equipment. It’s also smart to hire a commercial floor cleaning service. If you follow the steps above, it won’t be long before you notice that your floor is looking better than ever!

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