How to Form a Texas Series LLC?

In Texas, a series LLC is a single-member limited liability company (SMLLC) that allows you to segregate your business interests into separate series. Each series in the LLC can own its assets and liabilities, but they are all owned by the same member. If one of your series gets sued, the others are not affected by the lawsuit. In this post,

What is a series LLC?

A series llc austin tx is a single entity divided into separate legal entities. It allows business owners to keep their assets separate from other business interests and their partners’ assets. Series LLCs were created for two main reasons:

  • To protect the privacy of each individual in a group of owners or investors by allowing them to keep their identities private from other members.
  • Protect an owner’s assets from liabilities associated with his or her businesses.

Is a series LLC right for you?

  • What is a series LLC?
  • How does it work?

The concept of a series LLC is that you can organize your business into multiple discrete legal entities, each with its name, purpose, and assets. This is important because certain advantages are associated with having independent legal entities:

  • You can limit liability by using different series to conduct particular activities. For example, if one of your companies gets sued for committing some kind of fraud or other bad behavior in its capacity as an operating company, then the damages would only be applied against that single entity; none of the other series would be on the hook for those damages (because they didn’t do anything wrong).
  • Each individual “series” within an LLC can have its own tax identification number (EIN) and operate independently from all other series within that same LLC, so if you want each part of your business (e.g., manufacturing vs retailing) to keep separate financial books and records from each other, this structure makes it easy! You won’t have trouble accounting for expenses incurred by one party versus another because they’ll never be mixed at all; they’re just kept in separate accounts under different EINs belonging to entirely separate companies within one parent company called “the Series LLC.”

How much does it cost to establish a series LLC in Texas?

The cost of establishing a series LLC in Texas depends on the number of series you want to create and the complexity of your structure. For example, if you’re creating one series and it’s fairly straightforward (just one member), then the total cost will be about $500 for each LLC. However, if you’re creating three different types of entities and four memberships within those entities, your costs could be much higher, around $2,000 or more. Alternatively, when filling out these forms by mail or in person at any county clerk’s office across Texas (including Arlington County Clerk), make sure that whoever fills out this paperwork has all required documents in order before submitting them to their respective county clerk’s office, so they have done don’t have to pay extra fees because they didn’t submit everything correctly first time round!

A series LLC is a business entity that allows you to separate your assets into different” “series.” For example, if you own a restaurant and want to separate the real estate from the business, you could create two different series within your LLC: one for the building and one for your operations.

This type of structure is similar to what many people know as a corporation or an LLC. A series LLC offers benefits similar to those of both types of organizations but combines them into one entity.


It’s not easy to start a series llc austin tx, but it’s also not impossible. You just need to know what you’re doing and get the right help. The first step is learning about what this business entity can do for you and knowing if it’s right for your needs.