How To Get Your Ski And Snowboard Equipment Slope Ready


Take a look at these tips to help you get your ski and snowboard ready for your next trip to the slopes. 

As the new ski season approaches you are likely to be thinking about all that fresh powder, mountain fresh air, apres ski and plenty of good times ahead. However, it is really important to make sure all your gear is ready for your trip. This not only stops you having to pay through the nose for expensive replacements in the ski village, but it also helps to keep you safe, avoiding the use of faulty equipment. 

Here are our top tips to help you get your ski and snowboard equipment ready for the slopes:

Head To Self Storage Well Ahead Of Time

You should be checking your gear well in advance of your trip, whether that means going to your cheap self storage unit (find out about storage unit prices here), or having a rummage in the garage. The more time you have to correct any issues and make any replacements the better. 

Check For Any Degrading

No matter how much you prepare your things for storage by, they can degrade over time. Check for rust, rotting and any issues that have occured during storing. You should challenge any materials, clips and attachments as much as they would be challenged during use, to highlight any new weakness or damage. 

Check All Safety Features In Detail

Any safety features on your gear should be checked in detail as those are the parts made specifically to keep you safe. If you suspect there are any issues at all get your gear looked at, as it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Sort Out Any Protection Placed For Storage

If you placed wax on your skis for storage you will need to remove it. The same goes for any other protection placed specifically for storage. 

Air Everything Out

Maybe it was that rancid sock, or that sweaty balaclava, but something has definitely stunk out your gear whilst it was in cheap self storage. Make sure you air it all out well so you don’t have to carry that stink with you into the mountains. 

Replace And Repair

If there are any problems that require replacing or repairing, get them done as soon as possible. Rushing ski purchases is never ideal, especially when you have to do it in an expensive ski village that preys on impulse buys and visitors who forgot to buy at home. 

The above are really good ways to prepare your ski and snowboard equipment ready for the new season. If you put the effort into storing them well then the gear is likely to be in good condition. However, for your wallet and your safety, it always makes sense to check everything in detail before using it in a live slope setting. Be vigilant, check absolutely everything, and then get ready to go and have a ton of fun in the powder!