How to make a Reference Page in APA Format?

Choosing the APA format, you need to follow certain rules when organizing the reference page. In particular, people should know the basic principles of structure, including the names of authors, and follow the rules of the alphabet, italics, and capital letters.

General aspects of the APA format

One of the work formats that are used in academic essays, studies, or other types of articles is the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Styling Method or APA format. In the case of APA design, the list of references is governed by the citation in the APA style, taking into account the rules for the formation of the general structure, the presentation of author names, alphabet, italics, and capital letters.

Structure of the man page

There are basic rules for the structure of an APA page:

  • the reference page begins on a separate page, as a separate section after the text of the main body of the essay;
  • the list of references should have a table of contents “Links”; double spacing is required for APA citation records with no extra spaces in between;
  • identical spacing in the list of links;
  • all records are left-justified, but the second and subsequent lines of each record are indented half an inch from the margin;
  • there is always hanging padding used for records.

Formatting author names in APA

The names of authors on the APA reference page are presented in a specific style, and in the case of eight or more authors, scholars should include the names of the first six authors, followed by an ellipsis followed by the name of the last author.

Index for APA Reference Page

Scientists follow alphabetical order by the surname of the first author or the first word from the name of the author-organization. The chronological order of publications is also observed.

Italic and capital letters in APA format

The use of italics on the APA reference page depends on the nature of the work and is usually used when you need to emphasize the source title.

Capital letters on the APA reference page are used sparingly in the titles of works and sources, sometimes also after a colon or dash.

In summary, it should be emphasized that using the APA format requires a deep understanding of the rules.

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