Interview techniques for live-in carers

If you have a home-care job interview approaching, then these techniques can help ensure that your interview is a success.

Applying for your first role as a live-in carer can be daunting. Whether your interview is with a home care agency, or with the family of the person you are caring for; you are likely to be entering an environment to which you are new to and this can cause feelings of anxiousness and uncertainty.

The key to any successful job interview is confidence. While this may be the exact opposite of how you actually feel, appearing confident will ensure that the people interviewing you see your best qualities. Confidence in yourself inspires confidence in your abilities from others which is why it is so important when you are applying for such an important role as a carer.

If you are feeling nervous as your interview approaches, then these tips should help to build your confidence before the big day.

Be yourself

Being a live-in carer is a very personal job and you will spend a lot of time 1-on-1 with your client. Therefore it essential that you let your personality shine through at your interview. There is no point putting on an act as your agency and your client will need to get a good idea of who you are in order to determine the perfect client for you to work with. It is essential that you gel and get on well with your client so you should always be completely yourself from the outset.

Ask questions

As important that it is that your agency and your client like your personality, it is also important that you enjoy the company of your client and you enjoy your role. Think of questions you would like to ask before your interview and prepare a list to take with you to ensure that you don’t forget anything. This will help you to get a good grasp of the job itself, what will be expected of you and whether or not it is what you definitely want to do. Asking questions also leaves a good impression on potential employers as it shows enthusiasm and interest in the role.

Be prepared

Becoming a live-in carer is a big responsibility and is unlike any other job. It is not something that you should decide to do on a whim and potential employers will be able to spot candidates who have not thought their decision through. In order to leave a good first impression, and also to ensure that you are up for such a challenge, you should do your research on the job role and the agency to which you are applying. A quick internet search should result in information on the care agency, their goals as a business as well as their ethical approach to caring, and you can find out more at The Live In Care Hub and other websites about the duties and responsibilities of a live-in carer.


The best tip for any job interview is to relax as much as possible. Preparation beforehand can help with this, but also remember that people in the care business are compassionate and kind and these are the people who are likely to be conducting your interview. Smile and take a deep breath before you enter the room and let your personality do the rest.