Is Liver Cirrhosis Was Curable With the Rehab Center

It is the considered as the last stage of liver disease. The healthy liver tissues may be replaced with scar tissue. It injures the liver cells, inflammations, and cell death. It may also lead to liver failure. Therefore, it is considered a life-threatening emergency with chronic disorders. The large intake of alcohol may lead to cirrhosis of the liver.

Four Stages Of Liver Failure:

There are four stages in liver failure. They are –

STAGE 1: Inflammation

It is the first stage with inflamed and liver enlargement.

STAGE 2: Cirrhosis

It is the second stage with severe scarring, and it is very difficult for proper liver functioning. 


The third stage with deteriorated damage. Liver failure cannot be reversed with a liver transplant. ESLD means End-Stage Liver Diseases.


The last stage of liver failure is liver cancer. It is the multiplication and development of numerous unhealthy cells. That may cause liver failure with more risk.

What Are The Causes Of Liver Failure?

There are many causes for unhealthy liver functioning. It may depend upon the functioning of the liver with chronic or active. Some of the causes for liver failure are –

  • Metabolic condition
  • Viral infections
  • Intake of alcohol
  • Auto-immune hepatitis
  • Cholangitis

Liver damages and failure are developed for long-term processes. Mostly the liver damages happen when the patient intake a large amount of alcohol for a long period. So don’t hesitate if the patient feels any problems in their liver; consult the doctor immediately. 

Hurry To Rehabilitation Centre:

The rehabilitation center provides much treatment with professional doctors and therapists. Cirrhosis is not a curable disease, but it is treatable. Their treatment is based on the damages to the patient’s liver. They provide much counseling with some supportive programs. That may help for their fast recovery. They promote yoga and meditation that helps to increase their health conditions.