Keepsakes for Adults: Glass Gifts Your College Friends Will Love

There are currently 10 official federal holidays in the United States. And, all of those holidays are great times to give the loved ones in your life a beautiful gift!

If you’re going to give a gift, you might want to consider glass gifts. Glass gifts are delicate and beautiful, making for a great choice for anyone in the family.

Do you need some inspiration for beautiful glass gifts? Let’s take a look at a few ideas for glass presents you can give away.

  1. Glass Cornhole Boards

This one might seem strange, but hear us out. Glass cornhole boards can make for a fantastic gift for summer birthdays and holidays!

For example, glass cornhole boards work great as college gift ideas for someone who’s graduating during the summer months. The recipient can bust out their cornhole board at their graduation BBQ and start using their gift right away!

The reason these beautiful glass gifts are such a great idea is that they’re an interactive present. Your recipient can start enjoying the gift right away and playing fun summer lawn games with it.

What’s more, glass cornhole boards are much easier to clean than their wooden counterparts. All you need is a wet rag and a bit of dish soap and you can clean off any dirt and debris that gets on them!

2. Glass Photos

Another wonderful glass keepsake you can give someone is a glass photo. Glass photos are portraits that get printed on glass, adding delicacy and luxury to your classic photo.

The way these are made is with digital printing. The manufacturer burns ink onto the glass and bonds it there so that it can’t be scratched off. That makes for a beautiful, permanent print that won’t fade!

What’s even more unique about these photos is that you can view them from either side of the glass. That means no matter what way you’re holding the photo, you’ll be able to get a clear picture!

Photos are a delightful keepsake because you can choose a special moment of you and your loved one. Pick a wedding picture, their graduation photo, or an old childhood memory and burn it onto the glass.

No matter what image you choose, the recipient is sure to love this beautiful present!

3. Glass Cutting Boards

If you’ve got a loved one who loves living in the kitchen, glass cutting boards can be a great gift. Glass cutting boards are useful for rolling out dough, pie crust, and cookie dough.

They’re also much more scratch-resistant than a wooden or plastic board. That means that they get a whole lot more use!

With glass cutting boards, you can make them truly beautiful by adding beautiful designs to them. Throw the person’s initials onto the cutting board or create a beautiful inscription.

Or, you can order your cutting boards from trustworthy site like glass art gallery, in beautiful colors. Regardless of how you choose to personalize them, glass cutting boards make for beautiful and functional keepsakes.

4. Personalized Glass Coasters

The world really is your oyster when it comes to personalized glass coasters. There are so many different ways that you can customize these!

If you know someone who loves drinking tea, coffee, and other hot drinks glass coasters might be the right choice. These are useful decorations that look beautiful as well as serve a purpose!

One way you can personalize your glass coasters is to make them into unique shapes. Get them created in the shape of stars, hearts, or other special designs.

Alternatively, you can add personalized photos to your coasters. This is another fun way to make the coasters extra-special for your loved ones.

Finally, you can always add a sweet engraving. Make the message match the occasion by wishing well for a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or another special event.

5. Glass Ornaments

If you want to give glass gifts around the holidays, glass ornaments might be the right choice. Glass ornaments can come in hundreds of different designs and look absolutely stunning!

There are tons of different textures and thicknesses that you can choose when it comes to glass ornaments. Plus, you can pick unique patterns.

Make the glass ornaments in the shape of your loved one’s favorite animal or design a unique, textured ball.

No matter what it is that you want to design, glass ornaments are a wonderful way to tell someone you love them.

6. Customized Glass Furniture

Glass furniture is another special way that you can tell someone you love them. You can create unique items that get placed around the home and seen every day!

A few customized pieces of furniture you can use include:

  • Tabletops
  • Mirrors
  • Dry-erase boards

Regardless of what you choose to give, you can make it even more unique by adding engravings, etchings, and photos.

7. Glass Water Pipes

Another truly unique keepsake you can give to someone is a glass water pipe. Glass water pipes are perfect for anyone who loves to smoke.

Not only are these water pipes beautiful, but they’re also useful. That means you know that your gift won’t just sit on a shelf collecting dust.

Instead, your recipient will put the pipe to good use. They can use it any time they want to enjoy their favorite hobby or relax and unwind in the evening!

Better yet, glass water pipes are highly personalizable. You can add engravings, choose unique colors, or select fun styles that speak to the recipient’s personality.

The fact that they’re both useful and customizable makes them a gift that shows you really care about the person who’s receiving them.

Give Gorgeous Glass Gifts Today

Glass gifts are a great idea for gifting loved ones something they’ll use for years to come. They can be simple keepsakes or can be useful items such as water pipes.

No matter what it is you choose, personalized glass gifts are a great choice for the loved ones in your life.

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