Learning To Adjust Your Nissan Replacement Seat

After you replace the seats in a Nissan bus or truck, you will need to test the adjustments to ensure everything is in working order.When installing your Nissan Replacement Seat, you might want to make sure that it is properly adjusted, and mounted correctly. For this, here are some tips you should follow.

Front Power Seat Adjustment

The driver side of most Nissan busses is usually equipped with automatic adjustments. It is important to be comfortable while driving to avoid discomfort and distraction. If the power seat motor stops working, don’t be alarmed. Wait thirty seconds and then reactivate the switch, since it resets automatically after an overload. Don’t press the control for a prolonged period when the bus engine is turned off. This could potentially drain the battery.

Forward and backward adjustment is accomplished using the longer of two adjustments on the left side of the seat. Push the button back or forward to move the seat accordingly. To adjust the reclining angle, find the recline switch which is the more narrow of the two adjustments on the left side of the seat. Move the switch backward or forward to adjust. If you are moving the seat forward, you have to shift your body weight forward as well.

Passenger Side Manual Adjustment

After you install a new passenger seat, there is no power adjustment to test. However, it is important to test the manual adjustments to ensure the seat has been properly installed.

To adjust the front passenger seat, reach under the seat and find the lever. Pull the lever up and hold it in one hand while you use your body to slide forward or backward to adjust the seat position accordingly. Once you obtain a comfortable position, release the lever to lock the seat into the new position.

To adjust the reclining feature, find the lever on the left side of the seat. To bring the passenger seat forward, pull the lever up and lean forward. Release the lever to lock in the new setting. Lean back (slowly) to adjust the seat back instead.

There are instructions available in the owner’s manual regarding the adjustment of the passenger row seating. Please review all pertinent sections following the proper installation.