Lesser Known Facts About Can Coolers 

A cooler helps keep your beverages cold for a long time. Quality Perfection soda can coolers act as a cushion for your soda containers and helps you enjoy your drink better. However, many people are unaware of the facts about can coolers. 

Therefore, we will explain some of the lesser-known facts about can coolers. Let us get into the details!

  • Can coolers have more than 15 different names.

People all over the world refer to the can cooler with different names. The various names are as follows.

  • beer hugger  
  • cozy
  • Coolie
  • beer huggie
  • can cooler
  • coosie
  • Bawdle
  • coldy-holdy
  • beer sleeve
  • bottle jacket
  • Koozie

  • Can coolers help in keeping your beverages cold in multiple ways.

A can cooler helps in keeping a beverage cold for a long period. However, it is in lesser-known fact that it works in two ways. 

Can coolers cause effective insulation to a beverage container from the heat with the help of conduction as well as external infrared sources. The external sources can be hand warm air or sunlight. Can cooler aid in the reduction of drinks getting warm in sunlight by up to 50%. 

The concept of conduction works on the transfer of energy from a particle to the other particle of a specific matter. It helps transfer and distribute energy from one atom to another within a substance. Can coolers utilize this principle to keep drinks cold. 

  • Can coolers have several varieties.

With time and age, can coolers have had numerous evolutions in their material as well as style. They are made up of plain foam, neoprene, closed cell foam as well as Eva foam. The materials used in the construction of a cane cooler are designed to facilitate the insulation of the beverages with the help of external sources of radiant or conducted heat. SBR neoprene is the most cost-effective material for companies to create can coolers as they are cheaper than other materials. 

  • You can customize them. 

Unlike other drink containers, the can coolers can be customized as per your wishes. You can use them for promoting an event or your business establishment. They can also be used to add a personal touch to your celebratory events. 

Nowadays, people prefer to serve drinks at their weddings with a customized look. It helps in adding a touch of flair and allows the wedding guests to enjoy their beverages without fearing spillage. They will be able to consume their drinks without them getting warm for a long period.