Losing weight rapidly without using prescription drug

Being obese or overweight is like giving a visiting card to various health problems both mild and severe. Before treating the problems the doctor looks to reduce the extra kilos rapidly for which they prescribe drugs and compounds that are amphetamine in nature, such as the phentermine which is a popular weight loss drug. Phentermine aids in weight loss by suppressing hunger and increasing metabolism. Phen-375 is a drug that has been formulated to bring about weight loss just like how phentermine does and it is considered the best alternative to replace the prescription drug which is expensive.

Ingredients used and their purpose

Phen -375 supplements are produced in FDA approved facilities and they have formulated a dietary supplement that contain quality ingredients that offer the following benefits

  • L- Carnitine – It helps to get stored body fat into the blood streaImage result for Losing weight rapidly without using prescription drugm to give energy.
  • Caffeine powder Anhydrous– It prevents craving for food and suppresses hunger
  • Coleus Forskoli Root– Forskoliextractof 10 % concentration activates adenylcyclase, which raises the cyclic AMP levels in the cells.
  • Citrus Aurantium-Increases body’s fat metabolism and fat mobilizing capacity.
  • Cayenne pepper– Increases the body temperature, which enables you to spend more calories.
  • DendrobiumNobiler Extract– It is an extract derived from orchids which is known to improve digestion.

These ingredients are of high quality and are capable of giving positive results due to which Phen-375 is considered ideal to replace the prescription drug, which is expensive.

How does phen-375 work?

The phen-375 pills send certain signals to the brain that help the person to gain the impression that he does not feel hungry. Thus, it acts as hunger suppressant, by transmission of nerve impulses to the norepinephrine, nerve terminals in the brain in the cerebral cortex and the hypothalamus. It is believed that it also plays a role in releasing catecholamine from the hypothalamus, which also is considered to decrease appetite.

Phen-375 is also believed to increase the basal metabolic rate of a person. The increased metabolism when combined with decreased intake of calories is likely to bring about weight loss. Better results are achieved if there is increased activity and exercise.

What results can you expect?

Phen-375 results could vary from person to person. A person who is overweight or obese show better results than those who take Phen to get rid of the few extra pounds they weigh. Based on user review and forums we find that some people could lose 2-3 pounds a week while there were others who could lose as much as 18 pounds in a month. There are still others who claim to have lost 14 pounds even without exercising much. We can safely conclude that we can expect an average weight loss in the range of 8 to 12 pounds a month.

Weight loss pills should only be considered as an assistant, who will help you in the process of losing weight. You should be ready to make lifestyle modifications and make use of the decrease in hunger pangs to make healthy food choices that can help you lose weight. You cannot wait for miracles to happen. You should put your effort.