Maintaining Hard Surface Floors

Maintaining hard surface floors is so much easier today that it ever was in the past. Choosing to maintain hard flooring with a propane floor buffer can offer you a sheen and a gloss that creates a great appearance. Many people have the perception that if your floors are clean then everything else is clean as well. Clean floor let people know that you take pride in the appearance of your building and that only the best will do.

Taking advantage of a propane floor buffer is going to offer you much better results than if you chose to use a regular buffer or polishing machine. If time is valuable then the fact that it is quicker to use the propane buffer can be another huge plus for you. If you’re paying an employee to take care of your floor maintenance by the hour then the propane machine is certainly going to be the best choice.

In the past a propane floor buffer could be very loud and disturbing to those in the area while it’s being operated but now there are better buffers that offer a higher rpm and that have much better mufflers on them for noise reduction. Using a buffer that operates on propane can now be done during business hours if need be without creating such a disturbance. There are more varieties to choose from making getting the one that best suites your needs easy. You can choose a buffer with pad sizes ranging from 21 to 28 inches. The bigger pad size you select the more square footage you’ll be able to cover in a shorter period of time. You can have the perfect size as well as the perfect rpm production to  ensure that your floors are a beautiful focal point.

A quality propane buffer will allow you to adjust the handle so that it fits the user for the safest operation. It will also allow you to get under objects such as shelving, desk, tables and other furnishings. A kill switch is also one of the safety features that buffers using propane offers to keep the operator as safe as possible while operating the machine.

 When you choose to take care of your flooring with the buffers that operate on propane you will find that you have to spend less time stripping and waxing floors that you did in the past. This is also another money saver for every business. Cutting down on the labor that it takes to maintain hard floor surfaces is one of the best ways to not only save money but to save time as well. You save on labor, supplies, man hours and you end up with floors that look beautiful after each buffing.