Once Upon a 2003 Ford Explorer – A Real Fairy Tale Of A Car

The True Story Of The Fairy Tale 2003 Ford Explorer – As Told By An Owner And A Believer  

The song says “life can be a dream, sha-boom “. Well when you have a dream car it sure helps. The first brand new SUV we ever owned was a 2003 Ford Explorer. Though the Ford Motor Company went on to manufacture other great Explorer’s in the series, as far as I was concerned the 2003 model was the very best that broke the mold.

A Dream Come True Inside And Outside

The plush leather gray interior with a metallic black exterior was what most people first noticed about the machine. It looked like it had everything, but there was so much more beyond what the eye could see. 2003 was around the time when society was going crazy for CD’s so the 2003 Ford Explorer did not disappoint with a CD player as well as a cassette player and radio system it exquisitely melded the old with the new.

Seven Seats of Fun

For a family of five, driving around in the Explorer was as simple as pie. It fit our family in great comfort. Believe it or not children argue less when they have elbow room and leg room. This car did not leave you wanting more. With so much room the arguments began to be about who took the last french fry instead of “move over, now or I’ll…” The two extra seats in the back folded down to accommodate all the stuff a family of five can accumulate when traveling on vacation. The roof had a moon window in addition to roof racks to store a storage compartment for those longer cross country treks. Happy family, happy travels.  

A Machine Incomparable To None

Aside from regular maintenance on the car (brakes, tires, tune-ups) we had absolutely no problems with the motor or functioning of it. When the odometer flipped a 100,000 miles we proudly took a picture to commemorate the moment. After the photo opportunity we literally kept on trucking. A roadmaster, the auto had been on several road trips with mileage raking in up to 1000 miles one way. All done in smooth comfort and in high style. Our memories of the 2003 Ford Explorer will never die. Good thing we took plenty of photos of our motorized family member.     

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