Picking the Most Comfortable Seats for Your Pickup Truck

When choosing a pickup truck, you probably looked at safety, reliability, gas mileage, and styling.  You probably didn’t give much thought to the pickup truck seats or think about them wearing out over time.  When picking a pickup, or replacing the seats, here are 5 questions to consider for a comfortable ride, especially if you regularly travel long distances or have occasional back problems.

Will the seat adjust to a comfortable position?

Every driver has a different comfort zone.  If you’re test driving a truck, make sure you can easily move the seat into the position that’s most comfortable for you.  A more upright position is most helpful to take stress of your back by spreading the weight across the seat cushion.

Does it have lumbar support?

Many newer vehicles offer lumbar support that can help relieve back pain.  You will want to make sure it is also adjustable and whether it hits the “sweet spot” you need.

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Does it provide enough leg support?

A common option today includes adjustable seats that allow you to vary the height of the seat as well as adjust the leg room.  Extra support for your thighs can make a significant difference in comfort on longer drives.

Does it have manual or power adjustments?

While both manual and power seats may do the same job, power seats make it easier to adjust for comfort especially while driving.  If more than one person sits in the vehicle or pickup truck seats, the drive memory option can save configurations to remember where both drivers like things best.

Have you give your pickup truck seats a long enough test ride?

Most vehicle buyers take a cursory test drive with a short ride right by the dealer’s location.  Think about taking a longer test drive.  The longer the drive, the more you will be able to assess the seat’s comfort.  For example, if your back stiffens up normally about 15 minutes into driving, make sure you’re on the road for half an hour to see how your body reacts.

Other things to think about

Heated seats, ventilated seats, and now even massage seats are available on same vehicles.

Picking and finding the right seat can make the difference in whether your experience is uncomfortable or enjoyable.