Protection tools for the family in the spiritual field

Nowadays people use security codes and highly-secured doors to protect themselves from evil people. These tools are very useful, but they can’t protect you from all the negative energy: negative news, negative people, energetic vampires etc. If you want to protect yourself and your family from negative influences, I suggest you to use the protection objects. What are protection tools and how do they work?

Protection objects are items that havea very high energy level and protect people from all the evil influence.In the early centuries, people believed that magic tools could protect their homes and families. Today many people think that protective crystals and stones have nothing to do with magic as most of them are taken from nature. But nature was created by a divine power, logically it possesses some divine energy and is connected with magic (magic means spirit energy or superpower). I would say that no matter what you think the protective items are – a nature’s gift or a variety of magic – they work and many people proof they efficiency. Here is a real – life example: I have a friend of mine whose sister offered her three crystals as a gift. I can’t name them, but her sister says that they influence people’s health. Before using the crystals, my friend was always feeling exhausted and had headaches. When she started using them as a necklace, her pain reduced and she was feeling much better. As you could observe, crystals and stones do have a protective energy and could even heal a disease.

If you want to protect your personal space and your family from any negative energy, here are some items and methods you could use:

  • Sea salt or rock salt – is very effective to clear your home and office from negative influence. It’s also scientifically proofed that it can reduce humidity. Put the sea salt inside of a small or medium cup in the corners of your house or apartment.
  • Rosemary – could be used as an essential oil and as a dry flower. If you want to use it as an essential oil, put few drops inside of a small bowl of water and place it in a central place of your house, so the smell can reach all the rooms. Dry rosemary: put some dry flowers in the corners of your house and change them every two weeks.
  • The bell produces a clear ring tone and scares the bad spirits and energetic vampires.
  • Crystal and gemstones: amethyst, tiger eye, rose quartz, crystal eye etc. Some of the crystals and stones are quite expensive, but if you want to protect yourself and your beloved people, the money you invest will be worth it.
  • Purifying bath: dissolve ½ sea salt in a hot bath and sit there for 20 minutes.This bath helps to clean your physical body and your chakra after dealing withnegative and controlling person.
  • Protective chants and prayers. Before going to sleep, say a prayer or chant that you created. If you have difficulties, here is an example: “Dear Lord, thank you for the day that had passed away. Please, protect myself and my beloved ones from all the negative energy that flows around us. Amen.”
  • Candles of any color and size also belong to the protective tools. Lighting a candle inside a house or office could dissolve the entire negative environment.

You could use these or another protective methods and objects to separate yourself and your family from negative situations and people. The most important thing is to believe that they could work for you.

Among protection spells there are also other spells for the family such as fertility spells that are used for centuries to help women conceive. These spells should, however only be casted by the best love spell casters available to ensure that you are doing the right thing and that there are no karmic backlashes.