If you have ever stood in the rain, the experience is not totally different from having a rain shower head in your bathroom at home. The rain shower head is designed in a very much resemblance to rainfall and it is arguably one of the most preferable types of shower heads.

It is not absurd to see that some people feel relaxed standing in the rain but the disadvantages here is that you only enjoy rain showers during the rainy season and only when it rains. However, with the invention of rain shower heads you don’t have to wait till the rainy season as you can enjoy the same in your bathroom and as much as you want it.

The rain shower heads are usually either round-shaped or squared-shaped with many small holes through which water can flow out steadily and evenly. Some high-tech models comes with a pulse mechanism that forces the shower spray to form into droplets. 

How to find the best rain showerhead?

Getting the best rain shower head for your enjoyment is not going to be totally easy for you as the market with different products with each company trying to sell its product, you can really get confused.

There are things that you have to put into considerations when choosing your rain shower head. Below are important things you consider before making your purchase.

Size: The first thing you should consider is the right size for you and your bathroom as well as the location of toilet seat. You should also consider the height and the width of the shower heads. The larger the head the wider the coverage but your bathroom may be flooded each time you take a shower if your bathroom is small.

Quality: Though you don’t need to break your bank account to get a rain shower, another important thing to be considered is the quality and warranty of the rainfall shower head.

Spray design & settings: Some rain shower heads have multiple tiny holes and more advanced spray designs while some have few big holes.

Shower arm fit: You should go for model that can be properly wall mounted or ceiling mounted.

Style & finish:  You can match your new shower head to your existing bathing fittings and fixtures. Your shower head can become more of a bathroom centerpiece so don’t be afraid to be bold and make your shower of great value