Raw Crystals Are Not Just Rocks, They Can Help With Healing

When a person sees raw crystals on display in a person’s house their first thought is they are beautiful pieces of decoration. Sure these crystals add a pop of unique color inside someone’s house, but to those who know the secret behind these crystals, they offer more than just aesthetics.

In fact, raw crystals have been used for healing for over a millennia and are believed to harness the power and elements of the universe as well the Earth. These crystals harness the energy of the natural world such as the moon, the sun, and the different oceans. Since there are more than 50 different crystals, each with its unique healing properties, here’s a list of the most popular crystals that you can find and use for your own healing:


This type of crystal is actually a quartz and is known for its deep purple tips. It is commonly used as a stress reliever because it helps encourage peace, inner strength, and spiritual growth. Amethyst crystals are also known to attract positive energy and clear away the negative energy that may be causing a person harm.

Black Onyx

The black onyx is very powerful crystal known for its protective nature that shields the body, mind, and spirit from all negative energy. These stones offer protection around your own personal field of energy which helps to calm down fears, worries, and anxiety to help the wearer feel safe and secure. It’s beautiful black shade also makes it the perfect jewelry for any occasion so your crystals can protect you wherever you go.


This is a very popular type of crystal mainly because it does not require any cleansing or any recharging. Citrine does not hold on to any negative energy and is known as the gem for happiness, light, and abundance. Its honey color gives a warm energy that can heal anyone harboring any ill and negative feelings.

Celestite or Celestine

People who are having trouble remembering their dreams tend to feel a close attachment to Celestite. This crystal gives a calming effect to those who are near it while also helping to clear the mind and offer the body some peace. It’s cool sky blue hue is very relaxing and inviting, they are a wonderful addition to any crystal collection.


The ever-popular Jade crystal has its very distinct color. It is commonly associated with prosperity, wealth, and abundance. This is one of the most popular crystals all over the world and is always worth adding to your home.

Rose Quartz

This crystal can open up your heart and soul for all kinds of love. Whether it’s love for family, love for yourself, or a romantic kind of love, rose quartz is the right choice. This crystal also helps with one’s self-esteem as well as balancing your emotions. Those healing from a recent heartache can find comfort in a rose quartz.

There are so many other types of crystals that can heal your mind, body, and soul. The next time you see these beautiful rocks remember that they hold so much power and potential, they’re not just pretty to look at.
raw crystals can help you relieve stress, encourage peace, mend a broken heart, and so much more. Visit Earths Elements and look for the best crystals for your needs.