Rummy Game Pool of the Day

With time, Pool rummy emerged as a popular type of Rummy Game. This is also called Syndicate in the field of rummy and a 2-6 player game. Here each rummy player plays with 13 cards. The primary aim of the game is to score low. The winner gets 0 points, and the rest points then added to their score. However, you will face elimination if your score reaches the highest points, i.e., 101 Points or 201 Points Pool.

Most of people like to play pool rummy. But they find the process of playing the game at home quite challenging. However, online pool rummy is an excellent solution for such a problem. Now let’s know something more about pool rummy and how to play it online.

How to play pool rummy?

  • The pool Rummy Game can be played with two players. However, the maximum number of players can participate in the game is 6.
  • At the starting of the pool rummy, each player will get 13 cards.
  • The game includes a wild card which is used as the joker. If you are using a printed joker card as the joker, then you can use the Ace card as a joker.
  • You can also substitute your jocker can with any other cards. For example, if you want to create a sequence with the cards 5 and 7, then you can use your joker card as 6.
  • When it’s your turn, you can only pick up a card from a closed or open card deck. Besides, when you select a card, you must discard a card from the cards that you have. While playing online, you can see all your discarded cards in a separate tab.
  • You need to choose a card keeping a specific purpose in your mind. It can be to form a set or to create a sequence. A sequence means consecutive numbers, such as 7,8,9. A set says the same number from various suits, for example, 8 of hearts or spades.
  • At the end of the pool rummy, to win the game, make sure that you have the lowest points. The secret of winning this game is to make sequence faster.

The two variants of pool rummy

There are two popular types of pool rummy, i.e., 101 pool rummy and 201 pool rummy. There are somethings that you should keep in mind while playing these games.

In 101 Rummy Game, you use all your cards along with 4 suits of deck. In this version of the game, you can play with a printed joker. If you want to win this game, you need to make sure that your opponent’s score is 101 points.

In 201 pool rummy, here you will get to use the same cards as 101 pool rummy. But here you need to keep your points below 201 but ensures that the opponents’ point is more than 201.

The calculation

If you are a winner, then you will win cash as follows:

Winnings= (Number of players x Entry fee) – Rummy Passion fees

So, now that you know everything about the pool rummy. So, go on and try it out now.