Rustic Style Decorating Ideas

The rustic country style is in vogue. It is both comforting and casual, just what everyone dreams of in the modern busy lifestyles we lead. The simple country style is quite easy to spot. It is clean, practical, and is not fashion-obsessed.

What is the Modern Country Style?

The modern country style is kid-friendly as well as comfortable. The rustic furnishings differ. However, they have one thing in common; they are never there just to fill up space. When you use a rustic style in your home, it means you will have fewer things to dust and clean while at the same time fulfilling all your needs.

The original idea behind the rustic décor was that a home was furnished only for practical purposes. This is the design that modern designers try to recreate. Here are a few ideas of how you can apply the rustic design to your home.

Wood Works Great.

Wood is an essential element of the rustic design experience. While it may not be practical to redo the whole interior in wood grain, adding some wooden elements such as candleholders made of driftwood can help to capture the rustic feel.

Wide Plank Flooring.

The modern trend is to use sleek and narrow hardwood planks for flooring. Wide plank flooring is the way to go if you want to create that rustic charm. It was the original design used in the architecture of the old times. Oak wood planks that are 10 feet wide are quite appealing with a light stain that brings out their stripes, knots, and swirls. You can also use mixed-sized planks to create an artful touch to the rustic style.

Reclaimed Wood Accents.

If you look back a century ago, you will find that most structures were made of high-quality wood. The beauty of used reclaimed materials is that they still have most of their sturdy structural ability. However, they are still able to tell the story of the many harsh seasons they have endured. Reclaimed wood looks good as tabletops, railings, or even as simple footrests.

Rustic Tableware.

If you want the complete rustic feel, you can achieve it by purchasing some rustic tableware. You can purchase knives, forks, and spoons that have real wood handles, some rustic dinner plates, and many other things. Finding rustic dinner plates and other types of rustic tableware is quite easy if you have a computer.


Finally, if you are thinking of creating that rustic feel in your home, you should improvise. Visit the flea market and look for items that look old but it good condition. With a simple cleanup, they can help you achieve the authentic rustic feel you so much desire in your home.