Secondhand Woes: Tips On Getting A Used Motorcycle

Getting a vehicle is an immense sign of financial independence, and a motorcycle can be a handy choice due to its size, speed, and portability. A used motorcycle, especially if it seems good to go, can be a great way to start your transportation independence. However, be sure you choose the right pick as a used motorcycle is still a motorcycle, and motorcycles are still prone to accidents. Here are some tips for you to follow:

Check Your Lifestyle

When deciding to buy a used motorcycle, your lifestyle matters a lot in determining the bike that’s best for you. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, there are particular motorcycles apt for various conditions.

  • For instance, a touring model with whistles and bells and features such as heated grips, cruise control, and seat warmers are best for long rides. Meanwhile, sport bikes work if you’re traveling short distances. Ask if you can get an opportunity to test drive the motorcycle, so you know which works for your body best.
  • Visit resource pages that could help narrow down your choices. Read reviews and comments by other riders in blogs and forums while comparing them to the specs of the motorcycles you’re eyeing to purchase. Visiting sponsored bike rallies may also help, as manufacturers and other motorcycle enthusiasts may be there to encourage visitors to buy their merchandise.

Check The Numbers

Aside from researching about the specifications of your preferred motorcycle, it’s also important to get a good sense of the numbers involved with your potential purchase.

It’s a good idea to check sources on market pricing, as well as which models sell in your area for what price. As such, pricing sites, online vehicle sales, and local classified advertisements may help you find a suitable bike of your choice.

  • Assess the cost and availability of motorcycle insurance as well, so you can see your options and the costs associated with them before getting the used motorcycle.

Check The Quality, Choice

See if you prefer to buy from a franchised dealership or from a private entity as these have their own perks. It also helps if you inspect the model you want carefully prior to purchase.

For instance, if you have an old model to trade, an independent dealer may be a more adequate option. Some also offer motorcycles that are “certified pre owned” with its own service history. Meanwhile, private parties may not have a lot of perks as independent dealers, but they may offer bikes with better deals.

Check The Records

As a second hand owner, it’s important you get the history of the things you’re getting. The same works for motorcycles, and as such it’s important to request for a service history of the bike you’re getting.

  • This allows you to check whether or not a motorcycle needs further repairs, and if there are issues you have to be aware of. Try researching the motorcycle vehicle history to see the exact model and make of your motorcycle, as well as associated investigations, complaints, and recalls.
  • In terms of titles, don’t buy a used motorcycle without it. Don’t pay for the motorcycle without being able to receive the appropriate paperwork first as well. Try consulting a vehicle lawyer about the right paperwork you should possess to guarantee you’re safe with the legalities involved with the purchase.


Owning a vehicle can indeed be considered a sign of independence, and a motorcycle is a good vehicle to start with given its advantages. However, if you want to opt for a secondhand or used motorcycle, the above tips are important considerations you should factor in before making your purchase. This is most especially in the case of your safety, as a motorcycle accident can be an inconvenience of its own if your motorcycle isn’t properly maintained.