Ship Your Heavy Equipment with Ease – Everything You Should Know Before You Do It

Your company might be the best shipping company in the city, but shipping heavy equipment is never easy. If you have just started the business then you must know that it is a complicated process. You face more risk and more shipping costs indeed. Sometimes, even smaller equipment gets damaged while shipping then what about heavy ones?

You can replace smaller equipment without losing much money, but in case of heavy equipment, if it is damaged then it will cost you a lot and replacement might not be an option either. Looking for shipping your tractor in the US?

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Everything you should know before you need to ship your tractor:

Here are some details you need to pay attention to.


The shipping costs and method depends on the distance from the shipping location to the delivery location. International shipping is much more complicated than local shipping. Here’s how it works:

Short Distance:

It is a little less complicated to ship a tractor within the city as you just need a flat-bed truck to move the tractor to your desired destination. Using this type of truck can make loading and unloading easy if it can handle the weight of your machinery. You can also tow your vehicle or machinery for a short distance if it has wheels.

Although the risk of damage is higher in the case of towing if the company is trustworthy.

Long Distance:

National and international shipping can be risky and time-consuming. You cannot tow a vehicle from one country to another, it will just damage it. The most effective way of shipping a heavy vehicle from one country to another if the distance is too far is through waterways.

You can use cargo ships or shipping containers to drive the vehicle directly. If there are no wheels in your machinery you can use a flat rack or a heavy-duty pallet as a base. The loading is easy as the workers will do it on the dock. You just have to check the weight of the machinery.

If there are oversized loads, there might be road restrictions and travel restrictions that you must check.

Risk Management:

You must always make sure that you know about the risk management policies for heavy-duty shipment. It is better to hire an outside shipping specialist as he knows what are the protocols to be followed at the product’s destination.

You must always disconnect batteries and drain fluids before shipping the tractors and obtain permits of all kinds.