Shopping 101: Your Quick Guide To Fast and Injury-Free Shopping

If you consider yourself a certified shopper, you may know your way around malls. It’s also safe to assume you might know the nooks and crannies of shops when it comes to hectic sales and lines. However, accidents can happen to anyone, and one wrong move can turn into an injury that may ruin an entire shopping session.

While shopping generally tends to be safe, there are circumstances where shopping can be dangerous for shoppers. For instance, particular incidents during Black Friday have actually caused injuries because of unruly shoppers. In US News‘ top ten incidents of violent shopping accidents, stampedes and trampling are common causes of injuries. While these don’t happen everyday, here are tips on keeping yourself safe:

  • Try to avoid camping out at night. Even if you want to score a good deal, remember that camping out means spending the night in front of a store and potentially not having enough energy to stay alert and vigilant in the morning. There’s also high chances of being robbed or mugged if you camp out, so it might be best to just get out early in the morning to wait for the store opening to keep yourself safe.
  • Know the area beforehand. If you’re a frequent shopper, or if you’ve visited the store even before the sale, you will most likely be familiar with the layout of the area. Try to make sure you get the layout in your head even before any big sales come up. Remember points of entry and points of exit in the store, and try to remember key areas you want to get into to search for good deals. Knowing your way around the mall is an excellent way to avoid being confused and having to tread places that might get you injured because you can’t remember where a particular product is placed.
  • Keep your valuables in your person and don’t wear anything that can be grabbed and/or stolen. Keeping yourself safe during shopping means not carrying anything that can be easily stolen and/or grabbed from you. Defer from wearing jewelry and expensive accessories that can attract unwanted attention. Keep your clothes comfortable and choose clothing that lets it easy for your body to move around.
  • Be careful with how you pay attention to elements in the store. Be wary of fellow customers and make sure you’re aware of what you’re doing at all costs. Don’t survey an item for too long, and make sure you follow a shopping list instead of window shopping. The more direct your approach to shopping, the more chances you can come back later and shop at your leisure.
  • Make sure every step counts, and don’t run. Store floors are kept clean periodically, which means one wrong step and you can slip, trip, and fall and even have injuries. Don’t run around stores and instead make sure you take your steps carefully while shopping. It doesn’t mean become slow, but rather be more wary of how you move your body around the area.


Running around the mall during a sale can be quite a feat for shoppers, but even if you’re an “experienced” shopping enthusiast, accidents can still happen and your supposed fun time can turn disastrous with one slip and fall. The tips above may hopefully help you get a clear head and be quick of wit to make sure your shopping visit remains safe all throughout. If you do get into a slip and fall, you may click here to get a lawyer that may assist you.