Six Benefits of Using an Expert Sports Tour Travel Agency

Travel has been difficult for the last few years due to COVID-19 lockdowns. Thankfully, that dark cloud of shutdowns has lifted! It is time to make memories. Schools, universities, clubs, and military teams can start with a sports tour abroad or at home for cricket, football, hockey, netball, or rugby. The right sports tour travel specialists can make that happen. What can a sports tour agency do for you?

A sports tour is an exceptional experience and adventure. Therefore, the planning and execution deserve a personal touch with careful attention to detail. An expert sports tour travel agency provides six key benefits to customers, which include: expert travel advice, a tailor-made experience, budget-friendly options, fundraising support, consumer protection, and flight protection.




Expert Travel Advice

You should look for an agent with a sports background. They know their job. That sports tour agent can give you great recommendations on how and when to travel. In addition, they’ll organise your club or team’s accommodations, sightseeing trips, and activities in between competitions and games.

Tailor-Made Experience

No sports tour is alike. You should find a flexible and willing agency to meet your team or organisation’s travel needs. The goal is to take the hassle and pain out of organizing the trip alone.

Budget-Friendly Options

A great agency should be able to meet your needs and wants within your agreed budget. In addition, you need an agency that provides a deepened life experience, high service standards, and competitive prices.

Fundraising Support

How do you pay for a sports tour trip? Once you have a price locked in and a deposit made for your team’s journey, the next step is covering the remaining cost. Full-service sports tour agencies usually offer payment plans, which include fundraiser suggestions.

Consumer Protection

Always check out the agency’s consumer protection policy. You need to answer two questions. 1) Will you get a refund of your money if a service provider goes bankrupt or if an airline or hotel fails? 2) Has the agency ever reimbursed a client due to the described loss? A proper sports company will be able to make good on its obligations to your team or Organisation.

Flight Protection

A reputable agency has your back with airlines too. They recognise your team or club’s trip is an investment. If you have an air flight as part of your trip, check to see if your prospective agency has an Air Travel Organisation License (ATOL). In the unlikely event an airline fails, this license signals that your group will be able to continue as planned or be fully refunded for the ticket costs.

It is an excellent time to travel! Sports tour agencies are a safe, secure, and hassle-free way to travel. Full-service sports tour agencies offer six great benefits to ensure a fabulous experience for each team member. So, it is time to let the sunshine in and let dark clouds dissipate.